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5 Best Camping Chairs to Keep you Comfy by the Campfire

Author: Matt JohnsonPhotos/Graphics: Mike HawthornePublished: Aug 8, 2020Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Camping chairs are a staple when it comes to camping so we’re going to dive into the best camping chairs on the market.

Whether you’re a glamper or camper, you need a place to sit back and relax. To help you find the perfect one, we have selected 5 of the best-in-category camping chairs money can buy. The categories were selected are-

  • Most Comfortable Camp Chair – Everyone loves comfort – especially when they’re enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Most Portable Camp ChairPortability is essential when trekking through the woods.
  • Moat Durable Camp Chair – Of course you want it to last the test of time.
  • Most Functional Camp Chair – More bells and whistles, the better.
  • Best Multi-Person Camp Chair – Because, why not? Snuggle up and get cozy with your loved one.

These chairs are the best in their category and will surely satisfy your comfort needs.

What to look for in a camp chair.

Before we took a look at all of the chairs on the market, we decided what we were going to look at. After all, we wanted to give you an objective review of each of these so you can make the best possible decision.

Keep in mind that these factors are not in any particular order. They are simply the variables and factors we considered when comparing the seats.


Portability is an essential feature to consider when selecting a camping chair. Most outdoor enthusiasts prefer lightweight and compact chairs that are easy to carry around. Portability usually dictates the durability and comfort of the chair, but the trade-off is worth it.

The lightweight chairs are often packed with features that allow for easy transportation. Look for chairs with a carrying case, shoulder straps, or foldable designs for easy transportation. Consider the size of the chair when folded and unpacked.


Another critical feature to consider when choosing a camping chair is the weight. Weight is a significant factor when selecting a chair, as it directly affects portability, especially if you are going for an extended camping adventure or even car camping.

Be mindful of the weight of your chair as it can impact your overall energy and mobility during your outdoor activities. However, you do not want to forgo comfort and quality for the sake of weight.

Look for chairs that strike a balance between weight and functionality.


Durability refers to the ability of the chair structure to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, including rain, wind, and sunlight. Look for chairs made of robust materials to last for years.

Choose chairs with sturdy frames, high-quality fabrics, reliable stitching, and superior construction.

In addition, consider chairs that are easy to clean, especially when camping in mud or dusty environments. Good camping chairs should last for years and serve you through various outdoor activities.


Comfort is king when it comes to outdoor chairs. After a long day of fun-filled activities, your body should feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

The comfort features of a camping chair should include support mechanisms for your back, buttocks, and arms.

Look for chairs with padded seats and backrests, adjustable headrests, and storage compartments for personal belongings. You might even want a specific type of chair with adjustable armrests.

The chair’s ergonomic design should promote relaxation and help reduce pain and fatigue. Furthermore, you might want to consider chairs with armrests and cup holders for added convenience during your outdoor activities.

The best camp chairs by category.

Without further ado, here are the best camp chairs by each category. Surely you’ll find something that fits your style of camping or glamping.

Most Comfortable Camping Chair: NEMO Stargaze

Unmatched comfort and relaxationNo built-in cup holder
Durable frame and heavy-duty mesh fabric
Combines rocking chair and hammock features
Suitable for uneven terrain
Best Camping Chair for Comfort - NEMO Stargaze Recliner

Naturally, we’ll start with the best camping chair for comfort because glamping is synonymous with comfort! Actually, a padded seat we found was extremely comfortable.

The most comfortable camping chair on the market is the NEMO Stargaze Reclining Luxury camping chair. It provides an unmatched level of comfort and relaxation for all ages.

Made with a durable frame, reinforced stitching, and heavy-duty mesh fabric, this chair combines the comfort of a rocking chair with a hammock. All of this while being able to be placed even on uneven terrain.

When you’re done with it, it folds up neat and compact to be stored wherever you need.

The downside to this seat is that there’s no built-in cup holder for your beverages. But for the comfort and portability, we like it. Pack it up for your next camping trip!

Most Portable Camping Chair: Chiitek Foldable Stool

Ultra-compact and extremely portableLess comfortable than larger chairs
Durable stainless steel, rust-resistant legs
Supports up to 440 pounds
Includes a carry bag with backpack straps
Best Camping Chair for Portability - Chiitek Foldable Stool

Sometimes you’re in need of a chair that is light, compact, and extremely portable, hence we picked the Chiitek Foldable Camping Stool. This ultra-compact stool is where portability meets durability. In fact, it falls into the category of ultralight chairs and finds itself as the lightest chair on our list.

This chair is so compact, it can be folded up, tucked away in the included case, and placed in your pocket. This makes it great for those on-the-job activities when you don’t want to pack too much, but you need comfort. Its durable stainless steel, rust-resistant legs allow it to support up to 440 pounds keeping it very light and extremely durable. It’s easily one of the best backpacking chairs we’ve ever tried.

The carry bag even has backpack straps so you can throw it on your back and take it with you. Whether you’re looking for a comfy and portable beach chair or something to take up less space when you’re car camping, this stool is an essential component to your camping gear or at the very least your outdoor gear.

Most Durable Camping Chair: ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Rated for up to 800lbs, very sturdyHeavier and less portable
Powder-coated steel and heavy-duty polyester
Includes cupholders and storage pockets
Most Durable Chair - ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

There’s no question why the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair is the best camp chair for durability. One of the top-rated chairs on the market, the King Kong is rated at 800lbs!

Built with a sturdy combination of powder-coated steel and heavy-duty 600D polyester, this chair is built to last whatever you throw at it.

ALPS also included 2 convenient cupholders, 2 arm pockets, and an enlarged back pocket to ensure you rarely have to get up for anything.

The fabric seat will keep you comfortable for hours; however, it’s not the lightest. It’s a solid camping chair, but don’t expect to be backpacking with this.

Most Functional Camping Chair: Traveling Breeze Fan-Cooled Chair

Built-in fans for coolingMay be heavier due to added features
Comfortable and durable
Quiet operation at 35 decibels
Most Functional Chair - Traveling Breeze Fan-Cooled Camping Chair

The Traveling Breeze Fan-Cooled Camping Chair could easily muscle its way into the most comfortable category, but we decided to keep this the most functional. This amazing chair brings you comfort and cooling, the best of both worlds.

As if kicking back with a cold one in the built-in cup holder wasn’t enough, this chair by Traveling Breeze has not one, but two built-in 4″ fans.

These fans push 60 cubic feet of fresh air through a mesh backing each minute to keep you cool on hot summer days. They’re not loud either, only sounding off at 35 decibels each.

Basically, the sound won’t interrupt your conversations, but your back will be nice and cool. It’s quite a bit of air being pushed through those fan blades.

This folding chair might not look like much. In fact, it looks like one of those cheap camp chairs. However, it’s durable and comfy and we think you’ll like it.

Best Multi-Person Camping Chair: OmniCore Designs MoonPhase Home-Away Loveseat

Comfortably seats two, each seat rated at 300lbsLarger size may affect portability
Double-layered quilted patterned seats
Ventilated mesh side panels and cup holders
Includes an attached bottle opener
Best Multi-Person Camping Chair - OmniCore MoohPhase Loveseat

When you’re glamping with your loved ones there’s always room for some snuggling. Why not do it while cuddled around the campfire? The OmniCore Designs MoonPhase Home-Away Loveseat lets you and your partner keep each other warm.

This outdoor loveseat comfortably seats two with its double-layered quilted patterned seats each rated at 300lbs.

This comfy snuggle chair includes ventilated mesh side panels, 2 cup holders (a cup holder for each of you), and an attached bottle opener for added convenience. This loveseat is hard to beat when you’ve got a date for two.

For what it’s worth, we also tried the Kelty Low Loveseat and it came in a close second to the OmniCore, however, it’s just a bit more expensive.

Grab a seat and get comfy!

Camping Rug Next to Tent with Camping Chairs

These are the best camp chairs we were able to find in each category. Whether you’re looking for something comfortable, durable, or just has tons of features, we’ve got you covered! Get comfy and stay classy!

Honorable Mention: After we created this thorough list of our favorite camping chairs, we came across the Cliq Chair. It’s a great all-around, ultra-portable camping chair.

So we figured we’d mention it here as an honorable mention. It’s one of the most comfortable camping chairs we’ve ever tried. When you sit in this compact camp chair, you’ll quickly see how the high quality materials affect the performance of the chair.

There are some other chairs we’ve tested but didn’t make the cut for one thing or another. For example, the GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker arrived and was broken. Although the manufacturer was more than willing to replace it, this immediately removed the rocking chair from our list. If we had a category for the best rocking chair, the GCI rocker would’ve made the list.

Also, we get asked why we don’t have the Helinox Chair Zero or the Yeti Trailhead Camp Chair on the list and it’s because they were too dang expensive. Sure, we tried both of them and both are undoubtedly a solid camp chair, but for that price!? No way. They’re popular chairs, we get that, but not the best.

Did we miss a category that you would have really liked to see? What about your favorite comfy camping chairs? We would love to see how you relax on your camping trips! Hit us up and let us know what you think or drop a comment below.


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