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6 Accessories You Need to Have To Glamp Under the Stars

Author: Matt JohnsonPhotos/Graphics: Mike HawthornePublished: Jun 27, 2024

Glamping is the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of nature without sacrificing comfort. Unlike traditional camping, glamping adds a touch of luxury, making your outdoor experience both relaxing and stylish. So, to do it right you need to have the right accessories or glamping gear. Here are the six most important things you need to get right on your first glamping trip.

A comfortable sleeping pad or air mattress.

Camping Sleeping Pad that is Inflatable

One of the key elements to a good night’s sleep while glamping is a comfortable sleeping surface. Unlike traditional camping, where you might rough it on a thin sleeping pad, cot or even just a sleeping bag, glamping calls for something more plush and cozy. Think outside the box with this one because an air mattress or even a high-quality sleeping pad can be exactly what you need.

Air mattresses are easy to inflate and offer a soft, bed-like feel. They’re also portable, which is nice in itself. Look for one that’s durable and has a built-in pump for a bit more convenience. There’s nothing worse than getting to your spot only to find out you forgot the pump. Sleeping pads, especially those with built-in memory foam, can also offer excellent support and insulation from the ground.

The goal with these accessories is to be able to wake up refreshed and ready to enjoy your day.

High-quality sleeping bag.

Sleeping Bags Are a Necessity

No matter how luxurious your sleeping pad or air mattress is, it won’t matter much if your sleeping bag isn’t up to par. A high-quality sleeping bag, rated for the expected temperatures of your glamping location, is essential. In fact, if you have some plush bedding that is thick enough, you can forego the sleeping bag altogether. But let’s imagine you want to keep your experience as natural as possible.

Look for sleeping bags that offer both comfort and warmth, preferably with a soft lining and a spacious design. Some have a flannel inner lining which can be too warm, but extremely comfortable. Mummy-style sleeping bags are great for colder climates as they trap heat more effectively, while rectangular sleeping bags provide more room to move around, which can be more comfortable for many people — especially for those going as a couple.

Side note: while you’re at it, don’t skimp on a pillow.

Portable camping stove.

Dual Burner Portable Camping Stove

A portable camping stove is a game-changer when it comes to preparing meals in the great outdoors. While traditional camping might involve cooking over an open fire, a portable stove allows for more control and variety in your cooking. After all, if you’ve seen some of the recipes we post here, then you’ll know we’re going well beyond just hot dogs.

Modern camping stoves are lightweight, compact, and super easy to use. They can boil water quickly for morning coffee or cook a full meal with multiple burners. Look for a stove with a stable base and wind protection to ensure it works well in all conditions. Pair it with a set of stainless steel camping cookware, and you’ll be able to whip up gourmet glamping-style meals under the stars.

Massive cooler.

Keeping your food and drinks cold is crucial, even for camping. But what separates this cooler from the rest? It’s huge enough to hold plenty of drinks and food for your gourmet meals. A high-quality cooler can make all the difference, ensuring your perishables stay fresh and your beverages stay refreshing.

Opt for a cooler with excellent insulation and ample space like a Yeti or an Rtic, depending on how long you’re going out for. Some coolers come with wheels and handles for easy transport, and others even offer features like built-in bottle openers and cup holders. It really boils down to how fancy you want it, but keep in mind, these coolers can get expensive.

Collapsible solar lantern.

Lighting is essential for a comfortable glamping experience, and a collapsible solar lantern is both eco-friendly and convenient. These lanterns charge during the day using solar power and provide ample light at night without the need for batteries or electricity. The best part is that this light is not only functional, but also ambient as well. Of course, you want to be able to get around while still having the warmth of ambient lighting.

Look for a lantern that is lightweight, waterproof, and has multiple brightness settings. Some models even come with USB ports to charge your devices. The collapsible design makes it easy to pack and carry, saving space in your gear. Regardless of which model you go for, they’re all generally inexpensive as well and you can typically find a coupon code to get them even cheaper.

Camping chairs.

Comfortable seating is a must for any glamping trip. Camping chairs provide a perfect spot to relax, enjoy a meal, or sit around the campfire. Unlike the lightweight, minimal chairs used in traditional camping, glamping chairs are designed for comfort and style.

Choose chairs that are sturdy and have padded seats and backrests. Some even come with features like cup holders, side tables, or reclining options. They should be easy to fold and transport but not at the expense of comfort.

You’re Ready to Go Glamping Under the Stars

Glamping combines the best of both worlds. You get to immerse yourself in nature while enjoying the comforts of home. With the right accessories, like the ones we just mentioned, you can ensure your experience is both luxurious and enjoyable. From a comfortable sleeping surface to a portable stove for gourmet meals, these essentials will make your glamping trip under the stars unforgettable.


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