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8 Bell Tent Interior Ideas to Make Your Glamping Trip Amazing

Author: Matt JohnsonPhotos/Graphics: Mike HawthornePublished: Jan 8, 2022Updated: Dec 11, 2023

You may be a city dweller who has never felt the joy of sprawling out on the ground and sleeping under the stars. Or maybe you’re curious about this whole “glamping” trend but not sure what it entails. You may even be a glamping expert that is ready to kick off their own glamping business.

When you’re ready to try it on and get your setup, we’ve got some bell tent interior ideas for you.

We’ve compiled 8 ideas for those looking to dress up their glamping tent. These ideas will make your experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible so that you can fully enjoy yourself.

Luxurious and comfortable bed.

Woman on Bed in Glamping Bell Tent

It wouldn’t be glamping without pure, unblemished comfort. This is why a luxurious bed tops our bell tent interior ideas list.

Since we tend to go big or go home, we recommend a queen-sized or king-sized bed. You should think of this as your stylish, homey hotel room for your stay, so the bigger, the better.

If this is a permanent setup, you can go with a lightweight frame and high-quality mattress; however, if it’s temporary or even seasonal, think about a queen or king-sized air mattress.

With a bed this size, you’re going to want to dress it up nicely as well.

Bedding, comforters, and more!

A comfortable bed can really make or break a good night’s sleep. That is why it is essential to invest in quality bedding and pillows to go with your glamping bed.

We’re not talking about the excess sheets and comforter that you keep in your closet for guests. These should be top-of-the-line Egyptian cotton. After all, this is glamping; it needs to be exceptionally glamorous. You deserve it!

Choose bedding that will compliment your decor and theme throughout the bell tent. If you’re going for a tropical paradise, choose bright and vibrant colors, something calming, perhaps some muted pastels for serenity. The options are endless, but keep in mind the theme you’re going for.

Bedding is great for when you’re sleeping in until noon, but what about the rest of the day?

Comfortable furniture for lounging.

Furniture in Front of Bell Tent

Alright, now that the bed is made, time to discuss the rest of the furniture you’re going to outfit your glamping pod with. We’re talking about chases, hammocks, and comfy lounging chairs. What is glamping without being able to relax outside your tent?

Make sure you have enough space for all your furniture or at least plan ahead. Most bell tents are around 100-200 square feet, so usually there’s enough room for anything you want – and some. After all, this isn’t your Coleman compact backpacking tent.

Throw a swinging hammock on the porch and some rustic wooden reclining chairs inside, and you have yourself a lounging paradise.

Oh, and don’t forget a fleece throw for cuddling up on the chairs as you enjoy your morning coffee.

Rustic, elegant lanterns to set the mood.

Lantern with Flickering Flame

It wouldn’t be a romantic getaway without some mood lighting. Lanterns are up there with the top must-have glamping essentials, and for a good reason.

There’s nothing like coming home to a warm, cozy tent lit by delicate lanterns after a long day of exploring. You can place them throughout your space or in particular spots; it doesn’t matter where you put them because they’re going to create a beautiful aesthetic for your glamping tent.

You can choose a battery-powered LED lantern, but there really is no replacement for the flickering light of a natural flame.

Edison string lights are a must-have.

Solar Powered Edison Bulbs

While the lantern is vital for the mood, Edison lights serve a more functional role. These string lights are a must for your bell tent.

With the ability to hang from the top of the tent, on small hooks around your bedposts, on chairs and tables, or just looped around them at random, you have unlimited options with these.

The best part about this is that you can find solar-powered Edison lights that come on as the sun begins to set. From our experience, go with high-end commercial grade lights as they’ll last longer. The cheaper ones you find on Amazon will fail much quicker.

Edison lights are great for a warm and cozy feeling and give you enough light to play some board games and enjoy some drinks.

Keep your feet cozy with a plush rug.

Feet on an Elegant Rug in a Canvas Tent

The rug is both aesthetic as well as functional. You can make the carpet the centerpiece for your creativity with a beautiful design.

A handmade geometric rug adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness, while a tribal tapestry rug can add some bohemian flair to your tent.

It also keeps you warm and comfortable on the floor with its plush fibers. When you step out of your bed on a crisp morning, you’re going to want something soft and warm to sink your feet into. Just because you’re spending the night outdoors doesn’t mean you want to feel as if you’re camping.

Chandelier, because why not?

Chandelier in a Bell Tent
Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Okay, so this is just gaudy and fun, but then again, isn’t that the essence of glamping? Add a chandelier to your glamping tent to instantly add a touch of elegance and luxury.

This will almost always come with more trouble than it’s worth, so find someone who knows how to install electricity in outdoor spaces! But trust us, it’ll be worth it in the end.

Still, keep the lantern and Edison lights; this isn’t a replacement by any means but meant to add a hint of panache and flair to your cozy accommodations.

Serious sound for easy listening.

Bluetooth Speaker at a Glampsite

Last on our list (definitely not last) for bell tent interior ideas is an impressive sound system. We’re not talking about a complete sound system with a receiver and standalone speakers; we’re talking about something compact and can squeeze out quality audio.

You’re at your glampsite to relaxenjoy yourself, and drip with comfort and style – you don’t need cheap audio to ruin the mood.

From our experience, we recommend a Bluetooth speaker from the JBL line of wireless audio. Why? They have various speakers with plenty of features and very high-quality audio.

Get your bell tent just right.

That’s it, now you have some easy and practical ideas for making your bell tent look and feel like a cozy, unique oasis.

Start off with comfort and mix in your taste of style and class, and you’ll have the perfect glamping palace.

Just remember, there’s no right way to glamp; it is whatever you decide to make of it. Now, go enjoy yourself!


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