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Breeo vs Solo Stove: What’s the Best Fire Pit?

Author: Matt JohnsonPhotos/Graphics: Mike HawthornePublished: Dec 20, 2022Updated: Jan 3, 2024

When you’re in the market for a smokeless fire pit, there are really two names that come to mind, and that’s Breeo and Solo Stove.

Both of these wood burning fire pit companies make unique outdoor fire pits that put off minimal smoke while providing a great source of warmth and light.

But which smoke-free fire pit is the best?

We’re diving into the Breeo vs. Solo Stove debate to help you decide which is best for you.

FeatureBreeo X SeriesSolo Stove Bonfire
ConstructionHeavy-duty, structural steel construction for durability and weather resistance.Durable stainless steel with double wall construction for added durability.
Airflow TechnologyX Airflow design allows oxygen to reach flames, reducing smoke.360° Signature Airflow system for efficient burning and minimal smoke.
CostX19: $399, X24: $599, X30: $1399.Ranges from $129 for the Mesa to $749 for the Yukon, with the Bonfire at $399.
AccessoriesOptional cooking accessories available, including grilling bundle and firemaster bundle.Includes removable ash pan, heat deflector, lid, and fire shield among others.
AestheticsSleek and modern design, available in stainless steel and corten steel versions.Clean and polished stainless steel construction, contemporary feel.
Cooking CapabilityDesigned for open fire cooking with a range of accessories.Not primarily designed for cooking, more focused on heat and style.
Customer FeedbackPraised for ease of use, value, and outdoor cooking capabilities.Known for ease of use, aesthetic appeal, and quality.
Amazon RatingsRated 4.7 out of 5.0 on Amazon.Rated 4.8 out of 5.0 on Amazon with over 2,200 ratings.
Overall VerdictPreferred for its versatility and cooking options, especially with the corten steel version.Ideal for those who prefer a sleek and polished look with efficient and smokeless burning.

Honestly, we didn’t even consider some other brands because we wanted to compare only the best smokeless fire pits.

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Criteria we used to compare these smokeless fire pits.

Before we dig into each of the fire pits, let’s look at the criteria we used to compare these two smokeless fire pits. Both Breeo and Solo Stove offer fire pits and accessories that are—

  • Durable and weather resistant.
  • Easy to assemble, move, and clean.
  • Portable so you can easily transport from place to place.
  • Have an efficient burn that produces minimal smoke and ash.

With that, here’s how we looked at each portable fire pit. We’ll use this criterion to determine the best smokeless fire pit. While the perfect smokeless fire pit doesn’t exist, we think both of these get pretty close.

  • Construction. Compare the assembly and durability of Breeo and Solo Stove stainless steel smokeless fire pits with double wall construction.
  • Cost. Analyze the pricing of various fire pit models from both brands to determine their value proposition.
  • Features. Explore the included accessories and additional cooking options available for each fire pit, with a focus on their suitability for open fire cooking.
  • Aesthetics. Subjectively evaluate the overall appearance of the fire pits, highlighting any notable differences between Breeo and Solo Stove models.

Breeo X Series 24

Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit X Series

For this comparison, we went with a Breeo X Series 24 because it’s one of their top-of-the-line models. It features a 24-inch fire bowl and is made from heavy-duty, structural steel construction for durability and weather resistance. This model also has some great features like air flow control to regulate the size of your flame and heat output, plus there are optional cooking accessories that you can purchase to go along with it.

Whether you’re burning wood or wood pellets, we think you’re going to like the Breeo smokeless fire pit.

Durable Construction: Made from heavy-duty, structural steel for durability and weather resistance.Higher Cost: The Breeo X Series can be more expensive, with the X30 model priced at $1399.
X Airflow Technology: Reduces smoke with an innovative design that allows oxygen to reach the flames.Weight: Due to its sturdy construction, it may be heavier and less portable.
Cooking Capabilities: Optional accessories available for open fire cooking, enhancing versatility.Size: Larger models may require more space, making them less suitable for smaller areas.
Aesthetic Appeal: Sleek and modern design, available in both stainless steel and corten steel versions.
Customizable Setup: Offers a range of accessories to build an outdoor kitchen around the fire pit.
This table highlights the pros and cons of the Breeo firepit.

X Airflow is the key to Breeo’s smokeless fire pit.

The Breeo X Series doesn’t completely eliminate the smoke, but it produces a lot less smoke than most other fire pits. The key to their success is the X Airflow that they’ve developed

The X Airflow design on the bottom of the fire pit allows oxygen to reach the flames, even when there is a lot of ash buildup. The double wall design allows air to enter from the bottom and continue to heat up from the fire as it rises up and out of the walls. As this hot air exits from the top of the fire pit it produces a secondary combustion.

The result, less smoke!

The cost of the Breeo fire pits.

The Breeo X Series has three sizes: the X19, X24, and X30. Of course, each of these fire pits comes with a different cost. The Breeo X19 retails for about $399, the X24 for $599, and the X30 for $1399. Not bad, considering how much you get from these fire pits in terms of quality and features.

It’s still a pricey endeavor for a fire pit, but it’s the luxury you’re purchasing.

Extra features and accessories for Breeo smokeless fire pits.

With the base model, there are no additional features or accessories, but you can purchase a range of accessories to accompany your fire pit. With their wide range of accessories, you can basically build an outdoor kitchen around your Breeo smokeless fire pit. These include

  • Fire pit cover. Be sure to protect your investment!
  • Grilling bundle. This is the outpost, lid, and ash shovel.
  • Firemaster bundle. This includes everything from the grilling bundle and a kettle hook, kettle and SearPlate griddle (stainless steel sear plate).

This is not the most exhausting list of gear and accessories, but these should do the trick for most smokeless fire pits.

One of the most beautiful smokeless fire pits.

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, the Breeo X Series may be one of the best-looking fire pits you can find. Its sleek and modern design makes it one of the most beautiful smokeless fire pits available. The height of the 24-inch version is just right for a backyard patio setting.

While the stainless steel gives this fire pit a polished look, you can also get it in a corten steel version, giving it a relatively earth rust look.

It essentially enhances the warm glow of the fire.

What we love about the Breeo X Series 24.

Our favorite part about the Breeo X Series 24 is how much thought and craftsmanship goes into each one. It’s a quality fire pit that you can rely on for years to come, plus it looks great too. It’s almost like a piece of furniture on your patio – it looks that great.

Having the option to customize your set up with all of the extra accessories is also nice if you want to really maximize your experience.

However, while it’s one of the best fire pits we’ve seen, it comes at a steep cost.

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Solo Stove Bonfire

Solo Stove Bonfire

The Solo Stove is a great option for anyone looking for a fire pit that is both smokeless and aesthetically pleasing. The Solo Stove Bonfire has all of the features you’d expect from a high-end fire pit, plus it looks amazing too!

Just like the Breeo its design helps to draw in air from the bottom of the fire while simultaneously drawing up and out hot air from the top, creating a secondary combustion. This helps to reduce smoke and makes it more efficient than regular fire pits.

The Bonfire also has a beautiful stainless steel design with double wall construction for added durability, plus there are optional cooking accessories you can purchase to go along with it.

And unlike other standard fire pits, you can enjoy burning wood or wood pellets in this luxury fire pit.

Efficient Burning: Features a 360° Signature Airflow system for efficient burning and minimal smoke.Limited Cooking Capability: Not primarily designed for cooking, more focused on heat and ambiance.
Durable Material: Constructed with high-quality stainless steel and double-wall design for added durability.Cost: While offering a range of prices, some models like the Yukon can be quite expensive.
Aesthetic Design: Sleek, polished stainless steel construction gives it a contemporary and stylish look.Heat Radius: May not provide as much warmth as larger, more open fire pits.
Portable: Lighter and more portable compared to heavier models, suitable for various outdoor settings.Ash Removal: Some models may require manual ash removal, which can be inconvenient.
Range of Sizes: Offers a variety of sizes, from the compact Mesa to the large Yukon.
This table highlights the pros and cons of the Solo Stove firepit.

360° Signature Airflow

Airflow is essential to any smokeless fire pit and the Solo Stove Bonfire has its own 360° Signature Airflow system. This helps to draw in air from all sides around the bottom of the fire which then travels up through the double walls and out of the top vents, creating a secondary combustion as it does so.

The result is a clean burning flame with minimal smoke and no soot buildup.

The cost of the Solo Stoves.

There are four different sizes of Solo Stoves. The smallest tabletop version, the Solo Stove Mesa starts at $129. The next up and the most portable fire pit is the Solo Stove Ranger which is priced at $299. The largest Solo Stove, the Solo Stove Yukon, is priced at $749. Keep in mind, that it’s a monster at 27″ in diameter.

The Solo Stove Bonfire retails for around $399, which is a pretty reasonable price considering everything you get from it. It’s not as pricey as some other high-end fire pits but still offers excellent quality and features. Solo Stove is always running sales, and as of writing this, Solo Stove offers the Bonfire 2.0 for $224, which is a savings of $175.

Many features and accessories like other smokeless fire pits.

On its face, it looks like an ordinary smokeless fire pit, but it does include a removable ash pan which makes cleaning and maintaining it much easier than other fire pits. It also includes a handle to transport, which is really nice if you’re a camper on the go.

Plus, you can purchase a range of Solo Stove products to turn it into a centerpiece for your backyard paradise. These accessories include—

  • Bonfire heat deflector. This stainless steel heat shield deflects the fire’s warmth out toward you.
  • Bonfire lid. This lid turns your smokeless fire pit into a tabletop when you’re not using it and protects the interior of your fire pit from the elements.
  • Fire shield. A metal spark screen that keeps the pops and sparks inside the fire pit.
  • Sticks and tools. These include tools to help you manage your fire with ease.

The downside to the Solo Stove is that it is not necessarily designed with cooking in mind like the Breeo smokeless fire pits.

However, Solo Stove’s products will provide you and your friends with hours of warmth and enjoyment.

Clean and polished look and feel.

When you first see a Solo Stove and it’s durable stainless steel construction, you’re instantly wowed.

It’s a sleek and polished look that will fit seamlessly into any outdoor decor, no matter your style.

Whether you want to place it in the middle of your patio or off to the side as an accent piece, it’ll be sure to impress with its contemporary feel and ever-burning flames.

This can be a downside for some outdoor lovers, though. It’s almost too clean and polished for some and can make it feel a bit too formal.

If you’re looking for something more rustic, then other fire pits may be better suited to your needs.

What we love about the Solo Stove Bonfire.

For the price and technology that comes along with it, the Solo Stove Bonfire is a great smokeless fire pit. It’s durable and efficient, plus it looks great too!

The 360° Signature Airflow system makes it incredibly efficient and helps to reduce the amount of smoke produced.

Plus, you can purchase accessories like heat deflectors and grates to customize them to your style. We really liked that the ash pan comes with the entire fire pit.

However, if you’re looking for a smokeless fire pit that provides outdoor cooking space, you might want to look elsewhere.

The Solo Stove is designed with heat and style in mind.

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What customers have to say about the Breeo and Solo Stove fire pits.

As with all of our comparisons, we have to take a look at what customers have said about these smokeless fire pits.

Regarding the Breeo, customers frequently remark on its ease of use and overall value. Most people find it an excellent option for those who want to cook outdoors or want something more rustic for their backyard.

They really raved about burning wood pellets, something their other fire pits couldn’t do.

Many also feel that the Solo Stove Bonfire is a great product, with most customers saying it’s easy to use and looks great.

The price point can be a bit higher than other smokeless fire pits, but people feel it’s still worth the quality.

Plus, you get several accessories that are sure to last for years.

Amazon reviews of the Solo Stove and Breeo.

Overall, the Solo Stove’s Bonfire has 4.8 out of 5.0 on Amazon. That’s with over 2,200 ratings, so that’s pretty solid. Current owners really enjoy this Solo Stove fire pit.

As for the Breeo smokeless fire pit, Amazon customers rated it 4.7 out of 5.0. Not too bad, but slightly behind the Solo Stove.

Between the ratings, there’s not much of a spread between the two fire pits.

Both have pros and cons, so it depends on what you’re looking for in a smokeless fire pit.

The verdict in our Breeo X Series vs the Solo Stove Bonfire.

  • Winner: Breeo X Series!

While your choice of fire pit will depend on your needs, both of these smokeless fire pits work well and their stainless steel construction will look great on your patio.

However, for us, we have to go with the Breeo fire pit.

Between the look and feel (we really like the corten steel version), and the additional cookware that you can get for Breeo fire pits makes an even more versatile fire pit.

Of course, you may love the Solo Stove’s sleek and polished look, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then it may be the better choice.

At the end of the day, both of these smokeless fire pits are great options and can provide your outdoor space with warmth, light, and ambiance for years to come.


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