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Camp Chef Apex Review: A Griller’s Dream

Author: Matt JohnsonPhotos/Graphics: Mike HawthornePublished: Dec 7, 2022Updated: Dec 11, 2023

It’s not every day you come across a product that is designed to make grilling easier and more enjoyable, but the Camp Chef Apex grill does just that. We recently purchased a Camp Chef 36″ Apex grill with the gas kit included and want to provide a comprehensive review of what we think about it. Honestly, any of the Camp Chef grills are great, but we wanted to take a look at the Apex.

As an incredibly well-crafted piece of outdoor cooking equipment, this campfire pellet grill offers plenty of features for those who are serious about their grilling. From its sleek design and durable construction to its powerful burners and ultimate versatility, the Camp Chef Apex is the perfect tool for outdoor chefs of all skill levels.

The last pellet grill you’ll ever buy.

The Apex grill by Camp Chef is just that. The ultimate in pellet grilling technology and convenience. This grill is jam-packed with features that make it truly unique, making it a must-have for any serious griller.

We’ve tried countless grills over the years, but none have been as impressive as the Apex. What sets it apart from other pellet grills is its versatility. Whether you’re cooking a steak, ribs, burgers, or even baking a pizza, the grill can do it all with ease – with either wood pellets or gas burners.

The grill uses heavy-duty stainless steel construction and has an extra-large hopper and a plethora of impressive features every griller will want.

Camp Chef Apex grill features.

Camp Chef Apex Griddle on Sidekick

The features are what make this Camp Chef grill stand out. From the digital temperature control to the automatic pellet feeder, you’ve got everything you need to take your grilling game to the next level.

With that, we’ll give you a rundown of some of the best features and benefits of this gas and pellet combo.

Well-built and sturdy.

Before diving into other features, we figured it would be best if we start with the one feature you can instantly appreciate – the quality of construction.

This is a heavy-duty grill made with steel construction and a porcelain-coated cooking surface, making it durable enough to last for many years to come. There’s a reason it weighs a whopping 330 lbs — it’s that robust!

Wood pellets or gas.

For those that are looking for a smoky flavor that can only be achieved by using wood pellets, the Camp Chef Apex has you covered. The digital temperature control and automatic pellet feeder make it easy to adjust your settings with a few buttons. This pellet smoker will make your meats absolutely delish!

But what if you’re not feeling like cooking over wood pellets? No problem — this Camp Chef has the option to add on a gas kit with a gas burner, allowing you to cook with traditional heat sources.

So whether you’re looking for that smoky flavor or simply need something faster, this grill can do it all.

Extra-large hopper and pellet sensor.

30 lbs of wood pellets in the hopper

The extra-large hopper is one of my favorite features on this pellet grill. It holds up to 30 lbs of wood pellets which gives you around 10-20 hours of grilling time. So you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel mid-cookout — the Camp Chef Apex will keep the party going all night long.

However, if you do find your hopper running low, the pellet sensor will alert you when it’s time to reload. You’ll get a notification on the Camp Chef app, which you can use to check the grill’s temperature, set timers and recipes, and manage your fuel levels.

The pellet hopper capacity is something we’ve always overlooked on the pellet grill scene, but little did we know how critical it is to have a large capacity. It makes life so much easier!

Cleanup of ash and grease is a breeze.

Once you’re done grilling, cleaning up your Camp Chef is a cinch. The hopper has an easy-empty chute that allows for quick disposal of ash and unburned pellets. And the grill itself is designed with an ash pot and removable components, making it easy to store away if you need more space on your patio or deck.

But ash cleanup is usually the easiest part. The grease is the difficult part. Fortunately, cleanup is a breeze because the grill is equipped with a grease tray that collects all of the excess grease from your cooking. Not only is this efficient for cleaning, but it can also prevent grease fires.

Control your grill via the Camp Chef Connect app.

Your eyes may have lit up when we mentioned the app earlier, but it’s worth its own section. The Camp Chef Connect app allows you to control your grill directly from your phone.

You can check the temperature, adjust the settings, set timers and recipes, and monitor fuel levels. Plus it also provides access to thousands of Camp Chef recipes that you can search by cuisine type or ingredients. So you’re never at a loss for ideas regarding grilling.

The Apex also has a built-in full color display integrated into the control panel, which allows you to easily adjust the temperature and settings without pulling out your phone.

This Camp Chef grill takes grilling to a whole new level with its powerful features. From the durable construction to the digital temperature control, this is one feature-packed grill that every serious griller will enjoy.

What other grillers are saying about the Apex.

Of course, we couldn’t have this review without sharing what others have to say about the Camp Chef Apex. After all, reviews are a great way to get unbiased feedback about a product.

From the many reviews we’ve read, it’s clear that people love this grill!

Many folks say they love how easy it is to use and maintain and how much flavor you can get from wood pellets. Many also appreciate the convenience of controlling the grill directly from their phone and the impressive temperature range that allows you to roast, smoke, bake, and more.

Overall, people seem to be impressed with this grill’s robust features and its ability to produce delicious food every time. The overwhelming response has been that the Apex absolutely blows the Traeger pellet grill out of the water. We were big fans of the Traeger grill beforehand as well, but we’re not going back since we have the Camp Chef.

We didn’t come across many negative reviews. However, it is a new grill that was released in June 2022. With only one camping and grilling season under its belt, there’s a chance more issues may surface.

So far, the Camp Chef Apex is living up to its promise of being an all-in-one outdoor cooking solution. It’s packed with features that will make your grilling experience a breeze — and tasty!

How well does it cook?

Onto what grillers really care about: the cooking performance.

The Camp Chef Apex has a temperature range of 155°F to 500°F, so it can handle most types of cooking you want to do — from smoking, baking, and roasting to grilling and searing.

And thanks to its large hopper, you get consistent heat throughout your cook.

Perfectly grilled picanha.

Grilled Picanha on the Apex

The first thing we grilled was one of our favorite cuts of beef: picanha. We set the temperature to 400°F and threw it on the grill for about 8 minutes per side until it reached an internal temperature of 130°F for medium-rare doneness.

In authentic Brazilian style (which is what picanha is all about!), we finished it off with coarse sea salt.

The result? An incredibly juicy, flavorful, perfectly cooked piece of meat that was simply delicious!

So the Apex won that round of grilling. It showed its colors regarding a difficult cut of beef to grill, and it did great. Honestly, didn’t expect much less from it.

Delicious baked potato skins.

While we love the Camp Chef pellet grill, for the potatoes, we chose to use the gas grill side of the Apex. After all, we have to try out the entire grill and as many features as we can.

We set it to 350°F and threw on some potato halves, skin-side down, brushed with olive oil, and seasoned with salt and pepper. We then set a timer in the app to alert us at 40 minutes so we could dash some sharp cheddar cheese on them.

After about an hour, we pulled out perfectly golden potatoes with crispy skins.

Camp Chef Apex Grill FAQ.

When we release a review on any camping products or outdoor cooking equipment, we tend to get a lot of additional questions from our readers. So to provide some additional information, here are a few of the most common questions we’ve received about the Camp Chef Apex Grill.

What sizes can you get Apex grills?

Apex grills come in two different sizes: 24″ and 36″. For this review, we only used the 36″ with the gas kit installed.

How much does the Camp Chef Apex Grill cost?

The cost of the grill is what holds anyone but the serious grillers back. The Camp Chef Apex Grill is not cheap, but it has enough features to justify the price tag. The 36″ with the Apex gas kit currently retails for $2,449.99 USD and is available through a variety of retailers. You can get it without the gas kit for $1,999.99 USD.

As for the 24″ the overall cost is $2,199.99 with the gas kit and $1,799.99 with the side shelf.

Is the Camp Chef Apex Grill worth it?

The Camp Chef Apex Grill is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for an all-in-one grilling solution. It has enough features to satisfy experienced grillers, while also being user friendly enough for beginners. So if you’re looking for a solid pellet and gas grill combination with smart features, the Camp Chef Apex Grill is worth checking out.

Is the Camp Chef Apex easy to clean?

Yes! The porcelain-coated cooking surface makes it very easy to wipe down and keep clean. The additional grease management system also helps to reduce any mess that is created while grilling. Plus, the removable ash pan makes it easy to clean up after each use.

How much does the Camp Chef Apex weigh?

This 36″ Camp Chef pellet grill is highly robust and comes in at a whopping 330 lbs with the gas kit installed. Its easily the heaviest grill we’ve ever tried and not one you’d take camping. Maybe if you had a backyard glamping destination, sure, but nothing that you’d travel with.

What is the cooking area of the Camp Chef Apex?

The cooking area for the 36″ Apex grill is 1236 square inches – more than enough to get any job done! The top rack is 573 square inches whereas the bottom rack is 663 square inches.

For the 24″ grill the total cooking area is 811 square inches with 429 square inches on the lower rack and 382 square inches on the upper rack. Still, not bad for being the smaller grill.

What accessories can you buy for Apex grills?

There are several great accessories for the Camp Chef Apex—

  • Grill cover specifically designed for either 24″ or 36″ pellet grills.
  • Apex sidekick, which includes the griddle attachment.
  • Front shelf that provides extra prep area in front of the burners.
  • Gas kit, in case you didn’t buy the Camp Chef pellet grill with it included.
  • Jerky racks for making fantastic smoked jerky.
  • Artisan outdoor oven, which is a pizza oven built into your grill.

Keep in mind that like the grill itself, these accessories are not cheap. For example, the gas kit alone will set you back around $500. You can buy entire grills that don’t need a separate gas kit for less than that — but they’re not as good.

Are there other grills like the Camp Chef Apex?

Yes, there are several other pellet and gas grills on the market that are comparable to the Camp Chef Apex. Traeger, Pit Boss and Z Grills all make similar pellet/gas grills that have smart features and large cooking areas. They vary in price range, but they are all good options if you’re looking for an alternative to the Camp Chef Apex.

Other pellet grills just can’t compete.

We have to say, this isn’t only a great grill, but it’s also a great all-in-one grill/smoker. The 36″ Camp Chef Apex is one of the best pellet grills we have ever used – period. It has enough features to satisfy even the pickiest of pitmasters and more cooking space than you’ll ever need.

We don’t take this lightly as we don’t take our grilling lightly. We’re campers and we enjoy our meats perfectly cooked… The Apex delivers! Whether you use just the pellet grill or even bother with the gas kit addon, you’ll be delighted by it’s performance.

While this isn’t a time-tested propane grill, and we don’t know if the internal propane burners are going to last or if the cooking chamber is going to hold up, the Camp Chef Apex Grill is worth the money and an excellent solution for those who want the convenience of a pellet grill but also the ability to throw some steaks or pulled pork on a gas flame. Whether you’re new to the pellet grill scene or an expert in the grill space, we’re going to highly recommend the Camp Chef Apex based on everything we’ve seen first hand.


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