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Christmas Camping Gifts for Couples

Author: Matt JohnsonPhotos/Graphics: Mike HawthornePublished: Dec 21, 2021Updated: Dec 13, 2023

We all have friends who are camping friends – or perhaps you’re that person. With Christmas upon us, you need to start thinking about getting them if you haven’t already, and thinking about camping gifts for couples is no exception.

For the couples out there, we’ve compiled a list of the best yet the easiest gifts for the camping couple in your life.

Our criteria for the list was that the gift has to relate to camping (or glamping) directly and must be for two people. After all, this is about couples, remember. We also considered how practical this camping gear is for campers of all ages.

A huge, comfortable, and warm two-person sleeping bag.

Teton Sports Two Person Sleeping Bag
Photo courtesy of Teton Sports.

We went traditional for the first gift on our list. For camping couples, the two-person sleeping bag by Teton is a must-have – if they don’t already have one.

This is the perfect gift for couples who love spending time outdoors, and it will come in handy during those chilly winter camping trips.

The Teton Sports Mammoth queen-size sleeping bag provides more than enough space for couples of all sizes. The downside to the warmth and comfort this sleeping bag brings is the size and weight. It’s a bit on the bulky side and doesn’t compact very well, but that’s what you get when you get something this big and comfy.

A comfy and relaxing double hammock.

SunnyDaze Double Hammock in Red and Gold
Photo courtesy of SunnyDaze.

Does your camping couple enjoy relaxing? If so, then this gift is just right for them. This is one of the best camping gifts for couples! They will spend more time lounging around the campsite with their hammock. A double hammock is perfect for two people – it’s twice as comfy!

For this gift, we’re going to recommend the Sunnydaze quilted double hammock as it’s the best bang for the buck. They’re known for their fantastic quality and comfort, so it’s no wonder why we’re suggesting this.

There are four different color options you can choose from, so make sure you know the couple well to get them a color they like.

His and her camping mugs.

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Camping and coffee go together like bread and butter. There’s nothing like waking up to the sounds of nature around you and taking in a hot cup of joe around a cozy campfire. That’s why these camping mugs are perfect for couples who love spending time together but might also enjoy some quiet time to themselves.

We recommend the Mr. and Mrs. Mugs enamel-coated stainless steel camping mugs for the camping couple in your life. Why? The quality, of course!

When you’re on an adventure in the great outdoors, you need something stylish yet durable that will last. These mugs are just that. As if the stainless steel wasn’t enough, they’re coated in enamel to preserve their elegance for plenty of camping trips.

These are easy gifts, and your friends are going to love these!

The gift of lounging in a double camping chair.

Kelty Double Seat Loveseat Camping Chair
Photo credits to Amazon.

Everyone has foldable camping chairs whether they camp or not. But what they don’t have is a folding loveseat! Couples love this one!

For this, we have to recommend none other than the loveseat camping chair by Kelty. There are others, but none as good as this one; that’s why Kelty is the standard.

This chair rolls up nicely and has a carrying strap for easy transport. And when the couple gets to where they’re going, setup is super easy, and they’ll be relaxing in no time. The durability of this double camping chair is a feature they’ll appreciate for years to come because Kelty built this chair to last.

For the adventurous: a two-person kayak.

Challenger Two Person Couples Kayak
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

For that those who love the water and real adventure, we’ve got the perfect gift. The two-person kayak!

This outdoor gift is sure to get the camping couples in your life adrenaline going and provide hours of excitement.

There are so many different kayaks on the market; it can be hard to choose the right one. Additionally, they can get quite pricey, and we’re not sure many people will buy their friends a $1,500 kayak for Christmas. But don’t worry, there are some more affordable options, and we’ve got you covered.

The Intex Challenger inflatable 2-person kayak is exactly what you’re after. It’s under $200 and perfect for beginners or budget-conscious kayakers.

This kayak is made with sturdy vinyl material and has an I-beam construction for extra rigidity. It also has two air chambers for safety and redundancy; however, the durable material means it’s probably going to last.

The Intex Challenger is an excellent gift for couples who want to get into the sport together.

Honorable mention: a two-person tent.

Here at GlamperGear, we don’t talk too much about camping tents. Why? Well, they’re not exactly the epitome of glamping; however, we acknowledge some of our readers enjoy tent camping while partaking in the finer things. Glamping is a balance, after all.

So with that, we’ve decided to include an honorable mention to our list of camping gifts for couples: the two-person backpacking tent by Ayamaya.

This four-season, heavy-duty (yet lightweight) tent is perfect for the most adventurous of your friends and family. It’s designed to be used in any weather, making this an ideal camping gift for Christmas.

Not only is it made with water-proof materials, but the seams are factory sealed for extra protection from the bad weather. The aluminum stakes are durable and heavy-duty to ensure this tent lasts through the years of glamping excursions.

Best of all, it comes in at a very reasonable price.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our gift ideas for the camping couple in your life! These are all items that will make their outdoor experiences even better and provide hours of enjoyment.

Whether you’re going for something simple as some coffee mugs or on the higher end, such as a kayak, we hope we have provided some insight into some great Christmas camping gifts for couples in your life. Merry Christmas!


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