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Glamping 101 – An Introduction to Glamorous Camping

Author: Matt JohnsonPhotos/Graphics: Mike HawthornePublished: Aug 15, 2020Updated: Dec 12, 2023

You may have never heard of glamping or you may be an experienced veteran glamper, regardless, in glamping 101 we are going to dive in and get to the basics of the fun and rapidly growing pasttime.

At this point you’re probably asking, what is glamping? How do I glamp and where do I start? What do I take with me?

Don’t worry, we have the answers to all of these. Not only that, we will continue to bring you new ideas for taking your glamping to the next level.

What is Glamping?

One of the most common questions we get is, what exactly is glamping? The answer is quite simple. Glamping is camping, but with all of the luxuries and amenities of a full resort, hotel, or even your home. The actual term glamping is short for glamorous camping. You get to experience the great outdoors with everything it has to offer such as fresh air, amazing views, cozy campfires, and fun activities; however, you also have the creature comforts you may be accustomed to such as private showers, comfortable bed, and beautiful decor.

There is no correct way to glamp because it is whatever you want to make it. You get to define what glamping is to you with the right mix of luxury and outdoors.

The Basics of Glamping

Everyone glamps on their own terms and there really is no right or wrong way to glamp. To some, that is the appeal of glamping. You get to determine your acceptable level of luxury and comfort while taking in the outdoors.

There are a few basic concepts with the activity, however, that are most typically found in glampsites across the nation.

How to Glamp

There is no predefined way to glamp. You may have images in your head of a thick canvas tent with glasses of wine, but there is so much more.

Some may want a brief escape from the city life, such as a rooftop canvas tent, while others may want to pack up the RV and hit the road to a far away state park. You may want to budget glamp with a inexpensive tent, totally fine as well! The real question is, do you have your luxuries and comfort items with you? Will you be comfortable enough?

You make glamping whatever you want to make it. The only variable is your comfort level and how far do you want to take it?

Glamping Amenities

Glamping amenities such as a lush mattress with a thick down comforter typically set most glampsites apart from campsites, but don’t think you need to figure out how to get your master bedroom mattress into the back of your Subaru. Other amenities include touches of decor that make your outdoor living space more elegant such as romantic string lighting to give a soft glow as the sun goes down, or indoor potted plants in your outdoor environment.

The point is, you can get really, really creative when it comes to setting up amenities and the atmosphere when glamping. Take as much as you want, or as little. Just make sure you’re comfortable with all of your creature comforts.

Where to Glamp

First and foremost, you can glamp anywhere. It is that simple. As you’ll see, there are some wild places people glamp.

Where to Glamp

You can select a location based on surrounding amenities and proximity to attractions or you can simply glamp in your own backyard. If you’re just starting out the easiest and quickest way is to set up a glampsite in your own backyard. Once you have an idea of what you like and dislike, you can find an already established glampsite through sites such as AirBNB or find specifically curated glamping resorts.

From roughing it in your backyard to booking a high-end, full-service glamping experience, you can glamp almost anywhere. You simply have to find a spot that gives you the opportunity to unwind, relax, and enjoy yourself – while not sacrificing the finer things you enjoy such as a fresh cup of Keureg coffee in the morning.

If you haven’t picked up on the theme here, glamping is whatever you want to make it. Take everything you know and love about camping, sprinkle in some glamorous amenities, add in some comfort enhancements, and you have glamping. You get the enjoyment of the outdoors, with the activities and the scenery, yet the comforts of a 5-star luxury hotel! Pretty simple, huh?

Do you think glamping is something you would try? Or are you are you still confused on what is glamping? We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions of this amazing pasttime in the comments below!


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