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Igloo Overland Cooler Review: The Coolest Companion for Your Adventures

Author: Matt JohnsonPhotos/Graphics: Mike HawthornePublished: Jul 22, 2023Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Igloo Coolers has been a trusted name in the industry for decades when it comes to keeping your ice frozen, and your beverages ice-cold. Their commitment to quality and innovation shines through in the Igloo Overland Cooler. This game-changer Igloo cooler combines practicality with style. No more worrying about melted ice or warm drinks ruining your day. This cooler is designed to keep your refreshments at the perfect temperature, no matter where your adventures take you.

The Igloo Overland Cooler boasts a sturdy construction and a rugged design that can withstand the rigors of outdoor escapades. Its insulated lid is the secret to its exceptional ice retention, keeping your drinks cold longer. And don’t worry about rough terrain or direct sun – the Overland Cooler is built to last and can handle any adventure thrown its way.

But it’s not just the durability that sets this cooler apart. The attention to detail and the convenient features make it a cut above the rest. Integrated bottle openers? Check. Drain plug for easy cleanup? Check. Rubber seal with heavy duty latches to keep the cold in and the heat out? Check. The Igloo Overland Cooler has all the bells and whistles to make your outdoor experience unforgettable.

Igloo 70 Qt Premium Trailmate Wheeled Rolling Cooler

Discover the Igloo Overland cooler – your ultimate adventure companion.

We’ve tried plenty of coolers and even wrote about several to include the Coleman 316 Cooler. However, we were recommended by a friend to try the Igloo Overland Cooler. After using it for several days, we can honestly say that this is one of our favorite coolers.

With its innovative design and exceptional insulation, the Igloo overland cooler is built to keep your ice frozen and your drinks cold for an extended period. Its rugged construction will withstand any adventure, ensuring your cooler remains durable and reliable no matter where your wanderlust takes you.

Not only does the Igloo overland cooler boast a spacious capacity to hold all your essentials, but it also comes packed with convenient features that will make your outdoor experience even more enjoyable. It’s equipped with integrated bottle openers, so you’ll never have to search for one when ready to crack open a cold one. Plus, the drain plug and rubber seal make it a breeze to empty and clean when the adventure ends.

The portability of the Igloo overland cooler is another standout feature. Its sturdy construction, combined with the option of wheels, allows you to effortlessly transport it from your car to your campsite. No more struggling with a heavy cooler or worrying about lugging it around. And with its long-lasting ice retention, you can have peace of mind knowing that your drinks will stay cold even under the direct sun.

Whether camping, tailgating, or enjoying a day at the beach, the Igloo overland cooler is a fantastic companion you can count on. So gear up, gather your friends, and let the adventures begin!

Design and construction.

The Igloo Overland Cooler truly stands out when it comes to design. Its sturdy build ensures that your drinks stay icy cold, no matter how long your outdoor adventure lasts. The cooler is thoughtfully designed with a focus on every little detail, making it a reliable companion for all your trips.

One of the key features of the Igloo Overland Cooler is its exceptional insulation. With its thick walls and high-density foam core, this cooler keeps your ice frozen for a long time. In fact, during our tests, we had 10lbs of ice frozen for 42 hours when we left the cooler in the sun and the 108°F Texas heat. We think we could’ve gotten another 24 hours out of it if we left it in the shade.

Say goodbye to melted ice and hello to drinks that stay chilled for extended periods. The insulated lid adds an extra layer of protection, keeping the cold air trapped inside and the heat from direct sun exposure out.

The design also includes convenient features that make using the cooler a breeze. The integrated bottle opener is handy when you want to crack open a cold one without searching for a separate tool. The rubber seal around the lid ensures a tight fit, preventing leaks or spills. Plus, the drain plug makes eliminating melted ice easy and cleaning the cooler when you’re done.

The Igloo Overland cooler’s design and construction make it a top choice for those needing a large, durable cooler with long-lasting ice retention. Its convenient features and sturdy build make it the perfect companion for outdoor adventure.

Exceptional insulation.

Insulation is critical to keeping your drinks chilled and your food fresh. And the Igloo Overland cooler certainly doesn’t disappoint in that department. With its exceptional insulation, this cooler is designed to keep your ice frozen and your drinks cold for longer.

The secret behind this impressive insulation is the combination of high-quality materials and thoughtful construction. The Igloo Overland cooler features a thick, insulated lid that helps lock in the cold and prevent warm air from seeping in. The rubber seal around the lid also ensures a tight and secure closure, enhancing the cooler’s ice retention capabilities.

Unlike coolers that can’t withstand direct sun exposure and end up with melted ice by midday, the Igloo Overland cooler is built to withstand even the harshest conditions. Its durable construction and insulated walls create a barrier against outside heat, preserving the cool temperature. This means that whether you’re out on a car camping trip or at the beach, you can rely on the Igloo Overland cooler to keep your food and beverages icy cold all day long.

But don’t just take our word for it. Numerous customers have praised the Igloo Overland cooler for its long-lasting ice retention and ability to keep their drinks chilled, even in hot weather. It’s a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate a nice cooler that delivers on its promises.

Spacious capacity.

Igloo Overland Top Down Looking In

When it comes to keeping all your chilled beverages and snacks at the perfect temperature for your outdoor adventures, the Igloo Overland Cooler has got you covered. With its spacious capacity, this cooler is designed to hold a generous amount of ice and drinks, ensuring you and your friends stay refreshed throughout your trip.

Imagine packing up for a weekend camping trip with your crew – the sun is shining, and the excitement is building. You reach for your Igloo Overland Cooler and open it up to find ample space. It’s like a burst of excitement as you realize there’s enough room to fit enough food and drinks to satisfy everyone. With its large capacity, you can pack enough ice-cold beverages to keep the whole squad hydrated and enough room for snacks and food to keep the energy levels up.

During our tests, we fit 81 cans inside the 50-quart cooler. Of course, that didn’t leave room for ice. However, it goes to show that it’s very spacious.

The spaciousness of the Igloo Overland Cooler means you don’t have to worry about leaving anything behind. Whether planning a day at the beach, a tailgate party, or a weekend of car camping, this cooler can hold everything you need and more. No more having to leave items behind due to lack of space or dealing with multiple coolers to accommodate your group’s needs.

With the Igloo Overland Cooler’s spacious capacity, you can keep your drinks chilled and your adventure strong. So, pack your favorite beverages, load up on ice, and enjoy the convenience of having a cooler that can handle all your cooling needs.

Convenient features.

Lockable Lid on Igloo Overland

The Igloo Overland cooler is not just about keeping your drinks chilled and ice frozen; it’s packed with convenient features that make it an essential tool for outdoor escapades.

One standout feature, and easily one of our favorites, is the integrated bottle opener. Conveniently located on the front of the cooler, it allows you to crack open a cold one easily – no need to search for that missing opener or chip a tooth trying to pry it open.

Another handy feature is the built-in drain plug, which makes it effortless to drain out melted ice and water without the hassle of tipping the cooler over. This means you can spend less time dealing with the mess and more time enjoying your adventure. Whether you’re at the beach, campground, or tailgating, the drain plug is a game-changer.

The Igloo Overland cooler also boasts a rubber seal, heavy duty latches, and insulated lid, ensuring your drinks stay cold and your food fresh even in the scorching heat. The seal helps to keep the cool air inside while preventing any warm air from seeping in. No more worrying about sun damage sabotaging your ice retention. With the Overland cooler, you can trust that your perishables will stay at optimal temperature for longer.

Heavy Duty Latches on Igloo Overland Cooler

With these convenient features, the Igloo Overland cooler becomes more than just an ice chest; it becomes your reliable companion on camping trips, beach days, and outdoor adventures.

Portability and durability.

Regarding portability and durability, the Igloo Overland Cooler truly shines. With its sturdy construction and thoughtful design, this cooler is built to withstand the rigors of any adventure.

Unfortunately for portability, we have to give it some low marks. The Overland Cooler does not include wheels or a telescoping handle. Many coolers have these basic features. However, it does have folding handles that are durable and well-made.

However, we have a theory about the lack of wheels. We think it has to do with durability. Typically the wheels are the first things to break on a cooler. However, this cooler is designed to withstand the elements and whatever rough handling it may encounter on your adventures. The rugged exterior is made from high-density polyurethane foam and reinforced with rugged materials to handle impacts and resist damage. Rest assured that your drinks and snacks will stay safe and secure while the cooler remains intact.

While it’s not the most portable cooler, the Igloo Overland Cooler is still easy to transport with its folding handles and lightweight design. Weighing in at a mere 15 pounds when empty, this cooler is light enough for anyone to carry. But if you want a cooler with wheels, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Customer reviews: Hear what others say about the Igloo Overland cooler.

Customer reviews can provide valuable insights when choosing a cooler for your adventures. Sure, we tested the Overland, but we’re just one source. Finding out what other people have experienced with the cooler gives you an even better gauge of its performance.

The Igloo Overland Cooler has earned rave reviews from customers across the board, with many noting its impressive ice retention and quality construction. Customers love that it’s big enough to store all their snacks and drinks, yet light enough to transport easily.

On WalMart’s website, the cooler boasts 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 178 reviews. That’s pretty impressive. Most online reviews are inherently negative, so to have such a high rating is an awesome feat for the Overland.

The Igloo Overland Cooler looks great, performs well, and has impressed customers across the board. If you’re looking for a rugged yet spacious cooler that can handle your outdoor adventures with ease, then this is definitely worth considering.

Comparing the Overland to other coolers.

When comparing the Igloo Overland cooler to other coolers on the market, there’s no doubt that this cooler holds its own and then some. We’ve done our research and can confidently say that the Overland cooler outshines its competitors in many ways.

First off, let’s talk about ice retention. One of the most essential features of any cooler is its ability to keep your drinks cold and your ice frozen for as long as possible. The Igloo Overland cooler excels in this department with its long-lasting ice retention. While Igloo claims four days to hold solid ice, we found that’s in ideal conditions. Even with the harsh conditions we’ve exposed it to, the Overland held up with solid ice for almost two full days. The comparable RTIC, for example, claims three days. However, under the same conditions as the Igloo, we only got 25 hours.

Another standout feature of the Overland cooler is its superior construction. With a durable body and a rubber seal that prevents any cool air from escaping, this cooler is designed to withstand the elements and keep your drinks chilled, no matter the conditions. The construction is similar to a Yeti large cooler or even the RTIC, but it’s much lighter than those.

Compared to other coolers, such as a Coleman cooler or a soft-sided cooler, the Igloo Overland is a top choice for those who want a reliable and high-performing cooler. You get more bang for your buck with this cooler. The ice melts in about half of the time at about half of the price as the other brands.

Igloo Overland FAQs

Whenever we review a camping product, whether a tent, cooler, or sleeping bag, we highlight some of the frequently asked questions from customers. Here are some FAQs about the Igloo Overland Cooler that may help you when deciding if this is the right cooler for your needs:

How long will an Igloo overland cooler keep ice?

While Igloo claims the cooler will retain ice for four days, our tests found that it can last for up to two days in extreme heat. However, if you take measures to keep your cooler in a cool place, it can retain ice for up to four days or even more.

How much does the Igloo Overland Cooler weigh?

The cooler weighs about 15 pounds when empty. With the folding handles, it seems like much less than 15 pounds. It’s surprisingly lightweight even when fully loaded.

How durable is the Igloo Overland Cooler?

The cooler uses high-density polyurethane foam and reinforced materials to handle impacts and resist damage. It’s very rugged and should last for many adventures.

What are the dimensions of the Igloo Overland Cooler?

The Igloo Overland cooler has a capacity of 50 quarts. It measures 18 inches wide, 25 inches long, and 16 inches high.

Is an Igloo cooler as good as a Yeti cooler?

We sure think so. Between its superior construction, ice retention, and price point, the Igloo Overland Cooler holds its own against its competitors. It’s much lighter than a Yeti cooler, easier to transport, and even comes at a great price, typically under $100.

Where are Igloo Overland coolers made?

One thing we love about the Igloo Overland cooler is that it’s made right here in the USA. All of their products are designed and manufactured in Texas.

Final recommendation: Definitely purchase this cooler!

The Igloo Overland cooler is, without a doubt, the coolest companion for your adventurous journeys. With its exceptional insulation, spacious capacity, convenient features, and durable construction, it is designed to keep your drinks chilled, your ice frozen, and your spirits high.

Its long-lasting ice retention sets the Igloo Overland cooler apart from its competitors. Thanks to its thick insulated lid and rubber seal that keep the cold air trapped inside, you no longer have to worry about melted ice and soggy food. The built-in bottle opener and drain plugs make it a breeze to enjoy your favorite cold beverages and drain the water when needed.

But don’t just take our word for it. Many satisfied customers have vouched for the Igloo Overland cooler’s performance and durability. They genuinely appreciate its ability to withstand direct sun exposure without any damage and keep their drinks cold for extended periods.

It is a top-notch choice when comparing the Igloo Overland cooler to other coolers. Its spacious capacity, portability, and integrated features make it a reliable companion for car camping, picnics, beach trips, and any other adventure you embark on.


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