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Man’s Best Friend and Camping: Necessary Dog Camping Accessories

Author: Matt JohnsonPhotos/Graphics: Mike HawthornePublished: Oct 12, 2021Updated: Dec 13, 2023
Dogs and Camping

A dog’s dream come true is camping, and packing some accessories is a must.

It’s the perfect opportunity for your dog to get out, explore nature and make new friends while you enjoy some relaxing time on your own. After all, 27% of campers claim they bring their pets with them. Why shouldn’t you?

But with so many options of dog-friendly campgrounds available, where do you start?

Luckily, we’ve researched for you! We’ve compiled our list of essential dog camping accessories and gear that are worth checking out.

Packable camping dog bowls

Packable dog bowls are a dog’s best friend when camping. They make cleanup a breeze and pack down to a smaller size to pack the dog food and bowls into the car.

Keeping everything neat and compact, there are even dog bowls and storage containers all in one. They come with an airtight seal so that your dog’s food stays fresh until you’re ready to eat it. 

Food and treat storage.

Unless you plan on sharing your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with your pup, you need to consider how you’re going to pack up the dog food and treats.

Ziplock bags or plastic food containers are great options for storing dog food. You want to ensure it is adequately sealed as not to attract ants or other foragers you’ll come across in the wilderness.

Be sure you pack out enough water for both of you, although most dogs would prefer lake or stream water if that’s an option.

Rechargeable LED dog collar or harness.

A good dog collar is always needed when you’re out in the open or in public places; camping is no exception.

While most people will elect to use their day-to-day collar, some other options out there may be better suited for the environment.

With so many scents to lure them away and things for dogs to get into in the unfamiliar place, you might want to consider throwing on a rechargeable LED dog collar on them. This will help you see them at any hour, and you can recharge them to keep them powered throughout your trip.

Or, you might want to get a dog harness for when you’re hiking. When dogs pull on their collars, it tightens and chokes them, and if they pull hard enough or long enough, it can cause trauma to their neck. However, the dog walks closer to your side with a harness and is less likely to pull.

Hiking dog leash.

Most campgrounds have rules regarding dogs on a leash. This dog leash will give your dog plenty of room to explore while still being able to keep an eye on them.

I recommend getting a dog leash about six feet long, which is more appropriate for hiking and going on excursions. They also make dog leashes specifically for hiking, such as hands-free dog leashes. These attach to your waist or backpack while you’re hiking.

It’s a good idea to have two leashes, one for hiking and one for when you’re camping, so that your dog can explore while still being close to your campsite at night. A zip-line leash would be fantastic so that your dog can wander without getting tangled in other camping equipment.

Dog life jacket.

Heading out to the beach for a hike? Bring your pup along and keep him safe with dog-friendly swim gear:

This dog life jacket is an excellent option for dog parents who like to take their dogs into the water. It provides 100% flotation and has adjustable straps that can fit comfortably around your dog’s chest or belly area. The bright color ensures you can see your dog from far.

This dog life jacket also has a grab handle to help you lift your dog into the boat.

They might be a good swimmer, but a life jacket will provide a piece of mind.

Doggy Backpack.

Dog with a Backpack for Hiking and Camping

You can only carry so much when you’re hiking, but your pup can help out with that with a dog backpack. These dog backpacks are affixed to your dog so you can carry the weight of the supplies while they work alongside you.

Some dog backpacks are configured as saddlebags and can be used to carry their treats and supplies.

So whether you’re just going on an evening hike or a week-long camping trip, your dog can help out by carrying some supplies with them in their dog backpack.

Collar Tracker.

Being in an unfamiliar area can leave your dog following scents for miles. However, you never have to lose your dog again with a collar tracker.

If your dog takes off and you can’t find them, or they like to bolt out the door of the RV or tent on their own, a collar tracker is your best defense.

The collar tracks where your dog’s at. That way, you can go back to focusing on having fun with your dog instead of searching all over the campground.

Collar trackers are a great dog camping, running, and hiking accessory!

Pup Tent.

You and your pooch can both enjoy glamping in style by giving your dog their tent. They’re great for both indoors or out. Just set it up nearby and let your dog snuggle in.

A great dog tent is not only stylish but practical! It’s a dog camping must-have when camping with your pup. A tent gives your dog a place to stay in the rain and keeps them out of the elements during your trip.

Anti-Slip Doggy Running Shoes.

Dog in Running Shoes

When you’re out exploring with your dog, the path may be a bit slippery, but dog shoes will give them a firmer footing on rocks and gravel.

They also have anti-slip dog paw soles that will provide your dog comfortability as they walk back to their tent or RV.

Additionally, they’ll protect your dog’s feet from sharp rocks.

There are dog boots available in different types or styles depending on the dog’s needs and tastes. These include snow boots and rain boots, which will help protect your dog’s paws from harsh climates and environments.

Doggy boots can also come in an insulated version that insulates dog’s feet from the cold ground during winter months or hot asphalt during summer months. 

There are a lot of dog camping accessories that will make your next adventure more enjoyable for you and your dog!

Dog camping is a beautiful thing, and it only gets better when you choose the right dog camping accessories to go with it!

Our furry friends deserve an equally as fun adventure as we do, so let’s give them what they want by bringing along some dog camping accessories!


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