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Must Have Glamping Gear to Get You Started

Author: Matt JohnsonPhotos/Graphics: Mike HawthornePublished: Sep 23, 2020Updated: Dec 13, 2023

When you’re upgrading from camping to glamping there is just some glamping gear you can’t live without. We’re going to give you some insight into some of the best, most comfortable gear to get your camping game started and glampify your experience.

Inherently there are a few essentials that you can’t live without, such as fire, coffee, and comfort, so we’ll focus on those. This is glamping, remember?

BioLite Smokeless Portable Firepit and Grill

BioLite Smokeless Firepit and Gill
Photo from Business Insider

You need a fire and you need a grill, knock them both out with style and convenience. This top-of-the-line BioLite Smokeless Portable Firepit doubles as a grill!

Seriously one of the hottest glamping gear items on the market.

The best part of this firepit is it’s ability to provide ample heat and no smoke. The electric airflow system burns the smoke before it can be released into the ambient air. This also allows you to control the airflow with an app on your phone so you can control the flame intensity.

Don’t worry, you can use wood or charcoal when you’re grilling up steaks on your camping trip. It’s super easy to use and you can build your fire in no time. The fold-able legs elevate it nicely and when you’re done, fold it back up and put it in it’s case for easy transport.

Helinox Sunset Chair

Glamping Gear Helinox Sunset Chair
Photo from CompareOutdoorGear

Looking for an elegant camping chair that is light and extremely comfy? Look no further than the Helinox Sunset Chair.

Holding up to 320lbs but only weighing just over 3lbs itself, this camping chair is the best for glampers on the go. It’s made of a 1200 denier polyester which is UV resistant, weather resistant, and easily wipes clean.

While it is well constructed, you’ll agree the best part is the level of comfort this chair brings. You will feel as if you’re floating above the ground. Reading through the reviews, you’ll see the Sunset Chair does not disappoint.

Oxx Coffeeboxx Single Serve Coffee Pot

Oxx Coffeeboxx Single Serve Coffee Pot
Photo from Amazon

A great cup of coffee sets the tone for the rest of the day, so you better get it right. The Coffeeboxx by Oxx definitely delivers.

Although it is often advertised as a work-site coffee maker, what this really brings is durability and convenience for anyone. It is IP54 water and dust resistant and is rated for up to 1500lbs of crushing power. You know, just in case you back up over it with your truck or something.

It works with all types of K-cups, so enjoy any flavor you can imagine and you don’t have to worry about running out of coffee anytime soon as it holds up to 85oz of water in a sealed tank. You’re going to love your new Coffeeboxx.

Carhartt Legacy Tool Roll

Carhartt Legacy Tool Roll

Maintenance and repairs to your glamping pod is a fact-of-life campers know all too well, especially those of the RV type. At least you won’t be caught off guard with the Carhartt Legacy Tool Roll.

This convenient, easy-to-stow, tool roll has enough space for all of your most essential tools. It has 19 slots for your various tools and 3 small utility velcro pockets to keep odds and ends stowed away.

Get rid of the junky toolbox and check out the tool roll. It’s compact and extremely convient to store away. Afterall, hopefully you won’t be needing it that often.

Igloo Party Bar Cooler

Glamping Gear Igloo Party Bar Cooler
Photo from

When you’re thinking of a top-end cooler you probably think about a Yeti. Sure, they keep your food and beverages cold for a while, but do they have everything you need?

Functional coolers are definitely essential glamping gear.

With it’s insulation and cool riser design, the LiddUp Party Bar cooler keeps all 212 12-ounce cans cold and has every feature you didn’t realize you needed.

This cooler requires four AA batteries for the 360 degree lighting so you always know what you’re grabbing, day or night. The four heavy-duty casters will let you move your cooler from the RV to the campfire with ease.

The Party Bar definitely needs to be near the top of your list of glamping essentials if you’re going to be enjoying chilled beverages. It will change your glamping world.

Rambo Folding Camping Table

Glamping Gear Camping Table
Photo from Wayfair

When you’re glamping you need a place for the sirloins to rest and somewhere to prepare the potato salad. The Freeport Park Rambo Folding Camping Table provides you space as if you had an outdoor kitchen.

Made of stainless steel and measuring at almost 1000 square inches of surface area, this table is a durable and spacious alternative to your home kitchen.

It has 3 countertops, a stowage shelf, and a zippered bag for all of your needs. If you’re using it for a small grill, you’re going to love the stainless steel windscreen that is included.

You’re going to need somewhere to prepare your meals and your options are the included picnic table or your own standalone kitchen. In this case, the decision is fairly simple. Give the Rambo a shot.

Did we miss something from our list of glamping gear? Surely there are more things you could add – especially if you’re a dog lover. For example, we discuss the best dog fences in another article. If you’re bringing your pet(s) along, you might want one of those.

We would love to hear your favorite glamping essentials that keep you living comfortably. Just shoot us a note!


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