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Unleash the Fun with These Outdoor Drinking Games

Author: Matt JohnsonPhotos/Graphics: Mike HawthornePublished: Mar 3, 2023Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Do you want to have some fun and add a little bit of excitement to your outdoor activities? Then why not try out some outdoor drinking games?

From classic beer pong and ring toss on bottles to more creative options like KanJam or Yard Twister, there’s something for everyone. Not only do these games provide an enjoyable activity for friends and family, but they also help liven up the party atmosphere at the campsite.

So if you’re looking for a way to spice things up at your next gathering, then check out these fun outdoor drinking games!

Always drink responsibly.

Before we get into these fun outdoor drinking games, let’s go over the basics. First, make sure you are of legal drinking age and that you are drinking in a safe place where it is allowed. Second, drink responsibly and don’t pressure anyone to participate if they don’t want to. Third, designate a driver or plan to take an Uber/Lyft ride home after playing the games.

Fortunately, when you’re camping, you usually don’t have to drive anywhere. So you can focus on having fun and playing some awesome drinking games.

Why we chose these outdoor drinking games?

There are hundreds of games that you can play outdoors, with or without alcohol. Of course, we went with alcohol involved because it can take a boring game and make it exponentially more exciting.

With that, we chose these games because they are easy to learn, require minimal setup, and don’t require much equipment.

We didn’t want our outdoor drinking games to be too complicated or time-consuming. So, these games are meant to be fast-paced and fun.

Now that you know the rules, let’s get into the games!

The classic: Beer Pong

Outdoor Beer Pong on a Picnic Table

A classic game that never gets old, beer pong involves throwing ping pong balls into cups filled with beer. The team that sinks all of their opponent’s cups first wins. This outdoor party game doesn’t take much to get started, and an outdoor picnic table at a campsite is perfect for playing.

What you need to play this outdoor drinking game.

  • Adult beverages of choice.
  • Ping pong ball (or a few).
  • 20 red solo cups.

How to play beer pong.

To play beer pong, Set up the plastic cups in a triangle shape (3 cups, 2 cups, 1 cup) at each end of the table and fill them with equal amounts of beer. Each team (1 or 2 people) is at the end of each side of the table.

The objective is to throw the ping pong ball into your opponent’s cups, causing them to drink the beer inside. If you successfully land a ball in one of their cups, they must remove it from the table and drink its contents. The game continues until one team has no cups left on their side of the table.

There are so many variants of this game as well. From giant beer pong to beer pong golf, the endless options make this the ultimate outdoor drinking game. Of course, some of these will require you to either buy additional stuff or make it.

Full concentration: KanJam

Man Playing KamJam with Drink

In this game, teams take turns throwing a frisbee at a can while their partner tries to deflect it into the can. Points are awarded based on where the frisbee lands.

What makes this a drinking game? Well, you always have to have a drink in your hand while you try to get the frisbee into the can.

What you need to play this outdoor drinking game.

  • Frisbees.
  • Two KanJam cans or trash cans.
  • Beer.

How to play KanJam.

To get all set up for KanJam, you’ll need two cans or trash cans and one frisbee. Place the cans at least 50 feet apart (or however far away you want to make them). Players will stand on opposite sides of the field, with each team member standing behind a can.

Each team takes turns throwing the frisbee at the can on the opposite side of the playing field. Each player throws the frisbee and tries to either hit the opposite can, or their other teammate can deflect the frisbee with their hand into the can. You score one point for hitting the KanJam can or two points for a slam dunk which is when the other player deflects the disc into the can. The first team to 21 wins.

Cornhole Outdoor Drinking Game

One of the most popular outdoor drinking games, Cornhole involves throwing bean bags into a hole in a wooden board. Each team takes turns trying to get their bean bag into the cornhole of the opposing team.

There are a few spins on this game that make it even moreso of a drinking game, but beer and cornhole just go together.

What you need to play this outdoor drinking game.

  • 2 cornhole boards.
  • 8 Bean Bags (4 for each team).
  • Adult beverages of choice.

How to play Cornhole.

To play cornhole, set up the two boards opposite each other and place them 27 feet apart. Each team takes turns throwing the bean bags at their opponent’s board in an attempt to get them through the hole in the middle of it. If a bag goes through the hole, that team gets three points. If it lands on the board, they get one point. The first team to 21 wins.

Cornhole Drinking Boards

As we mentioned, we’ve played a fun spin on this game that involves cornhole boards with fun tasks labeled on them. So if the beanbag lands on one part of the board all of the girls might drink, or if you sink a bag then you have to finish your drink. There are literally tons of variants of this game.

Minimal setup: Flip Cup

Flip Cup Outdoors

Another popular game, flip cup involves racing to finish your drink and then flipping the cup over from the edge of the table using only one hand. You probably played this at a frat house in college, but why not bring it outside with some beers and friends?

What you need to play this outdoor drinking game.

  • Adult beverages of choice.
  • Plastic cups (the more the merrier).

How to play Flip Cup.

To set up flip cup, line up the plastic cups at either end of the table and fill them with equal amounts of beer. Each team (1 or 2 people) is at the end of each side of the table. The objective is for the first player in each line to finish their drink as quickly as possible, then place their cup back on the edge of the table and use one hand to flip it over.

While we love this fun outdoor drinking game, keep in mind you may get fairly intoxicated and there are very few outdoor drinking games we’ll make that claim for.

Extreme fun: Beersbee.

Beersbee Outdoor Drinking Game

Similar to KanJam, Beersbee is an outdoor drinking game that involves frisbees and cans. The difference here is that one can of beer is balanced on top of a pole in the middle of the playing field (or wherever you choose to set it up).

What you need to play this outdoor drinking game.

  • Frisbee.
  • Two poles with beer cans on top.
  • Beer, of course.

How to play Beersbee.

To set up Beersbee, you’ll want to set up two poles at least 15 feet apart with a beer can balanced on top of each one. Each team takes turns throwing the frisbee, trying to hit the opposite team’s pole, and knocking off the beer can. If they successfully hit the beer can, they get two points; if they just hit the pole, they get one point. The first team to 21 wins!

This outdoor drinking game is a blast and also requires some serious skill in order to be successful. However, it’s still a bit leisurely as it doesn’t require a whole lot of physical activity, and you can enjoy your favorite beer while still playing.

Be strategic: Drunk Jenga.

Drunk Jenga

Ever played Jenga? It’s a classic game that everyone loves, and Drunk Jenga is no different. This outdoor drinking game requires some strategy, as well as a steady hand!

This traditional game is even more fun once everyone is to the point of seeing double after some drinks.

What you need to play this outdoor drinking game.

  • Jenga set (make sure it’s large enough for everyone to see).
  • Adult beverages of choice.

How to play Drunk Jenga.

Just like the classic game, the objective of Drunk Jenga is to remove one block at a time from the tower and stack it on top without making it fall. However, in this version, each player must follow the instructions written on their chosen wooden block or face the consequences – usually involving taking a drink. Another way to play is for every successful block removed and stacked, and the other team must take a drink. Whichever team makes the Jenga tower fall, the other team drinks their entire beer. By the end of the game, each player has probably been through a few beers.

This outdoor drinking game is a great way to bring friends together for some friendly competition and laughs as you watch them get increasingly drunker.

Get Physical: Dizzy Bat.

Dizzy Bat Outdoor Drinking Games

This is our favorite outdoor drinking game on the list. That’s because it requires some physical activity, making it a great way to burn off the alcohol you’ve consumed, and it’s hilarious to watch the two teams struggling to make hit the can.

Just be careful; unlike the other games, you have a high chance of getting sick.

What you need to play this outdoor drinking game.

  • A whiffle ball bat (or something similar).
  • Adult beverages of choice.

How to play Dizzy Bat.

To start the game, one player chugs a full beer out of the holding end of a wiffle ball bat while others count off how long it takes. After completing this task, the player must lean over and spin around with their forehead on the bat for however long it took to finish chugging.

So if it took the player 6 seconds to chug the drink, they have to spin with their head on the bat for 6 seconds.

Once they finish spinning, another player tosses an empty beer can in the air, and the player who just spun around must hit it with the bat. If they miss, they must spin an additional three times and try again until they successfully hit the can.

There are a few other variations, such as adding in a baton to make it more of a relay race. You can have a lot of fun changing this game up and making it even more competitive.

Not for the Old: Yard Twister.

Yard Twister Backyard Game

You’ve played twister on your living room floor, but now you can play it outside. There’s not much difference between this outdoor game and the traditional one, except that it’s more fun to play in a bigger space and you don’t need to worry about spilling drinks on your carpet. However, we find that the older you get, the less fun this is.

What you need to play this outdoor drinking game.

  • Colored spray paint.
  • Spinning wheel.

How to play Yard Twister.

Before you start playing, you need to set up the outdoor mat. Just like the traditional twister game, you need colored dots on the ground. That’s where the spray paint comes in. However, you can mix it up and randomize the colored circles wherever you want.

Once the paint dries after a few minutes, you can start the game. Place the spinning wheel on a flat surface, and take turns spinning it to determine which colored circle each player must place their hand or foot on.

If one person fails to make it to a colored circle before someone else does, they are forced to drink. The last one standing wins!

This is probably more fun to watch people playing than it is to play, but that’s the beauty of it. You can make a game night out of it by playing in teams and having everyone take turns spinning the wheel. That way, you can all watch your friends get increasingly drunker as they try to keep up with the game.

The most difficult: Ring Toss on Bottles.

Beer and Wine Ring Toss Bottle Game

Maybe you’ve played this at a carnival, but this is one of those backyard games that is much more fun when there are drinks on the line.

Instead of coke bottles, you use beer bottles or even liquor bottles, and you try to ring them. Simple enough?

Well, it gets harder the more you play.

What you need to play this outdoor drinking game.

  • Plastic rings.
  • Beer bottles and/or liquor bottles.

How to play Ring Toss on Bottles.

Start by placing the bottles in a triangle formation similar to that of beer pong. The only difference is instead of two sides, the two teams play on just one set. Then take turns tossing the rings one by one at the bottles. If a player successfully rings a bottle, the opposing team gets to drink the bottle’s contents.

One point is awarded for each successful ring, and the team with the most points at the end of the round wins! This game can also be played as an individual competition or in teams.

See why we say it gets harder as the game progresses?

However you decide to play it, this is one outdoor drinking game that’s sure to get more than a few laughs out of everyone.

Create your own fun outdoor drinking game.

Whether we’re camping or just hanging out in the backyard, we like to have some fun with our drinks. So why not create your own drinking games? The possibilities are endless, and you can make them as easy or as hard as you want.

You could come up with a game that involves throwing or kicking a hacky sack or maybe even chugging one drink while trying to balance another on your head.

See what supplies you have lying around and make up your own drinking game rules. You can even combine some of these games to make them more challenging.

No matter what you come up with, it’s sure to be a night filled with fun and laughter. So go ahead and get creative.

Have you tried any of these outdoor drinking games?

Have you tried any of these outdoor drinking games that we mentioned? Perhaps you tried variants like giant beer pong or something more obscure like Polish Horseshoes.

We would love to hear about your experience, so feel free to share with us in the comments below! We’re always looking for new ideas and ways to have fun outdoors, especially on our camping and glamping trips.

So why not give one of these outdoor drinking games a try this weekend?


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