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Featured Destination: Red Hill Hot Springs

Author: Matt JohnsonPhotos/Graphics: Mike HawthornePublished: Jan 13, 2023Updated: Dec 13, 2023

If you’re looking for a tranquil outdoor experience, then Red Hill Hot Springs is the perfect destination for you.

Located in central Utah, Red Hill offers an incredible array of natural hot springs, surrounded by breathtaking views and lush landscapes.

The hot springs are fed by heated underground water that naturally rises to the surface. This hot water spring provides guests with the perfect spot to enjoy soaking in a natural hot spring without the need for any additional heating.

LocationMonroe, Utah, near Sevier, off I-70. Nestled in a scenic landscape with red rock formations. We have a map below.
Hot Springs ExperienceFour different soaking pools with temperatures ranging from 97-110°F.
AmenitiesParking available, vault toilet nearby. No camping at the hot springs, but campgrounds in the area.
Activities NearbyMystic Hot Springs, Monroe Hot Springs Resort, Monroe Canyon RV Park, Meadow Hot Springs.
Wildlife and RegulationsCommon wildlife includes mule deer and birds. Clothing required, swimsuits must be worn. Dogs allowed.

Intrigued? We thought so. So how do you get to the hot springs?

Where is Red Hill Hot Springs?

While it’s actually located in Monroe, UT, this gorgeous hot spring is located just off of I70 near Sevier, UT.

As you enter the town of Monroe you’ll have to take a red dirt road to get to the parking lot of Red Hill Hot Springs. You’ll find yourself in a large meadow with the hot springs oasis tucked away behind the trees.

Once you arrive, you won’t be disappointed by what lies ahead.

Other than the small town of Monroe, which has just about everything you’d need for your trip anyways, there’s not much in central Utah.

As you look around and enjoy the beauty, you will find the hot springs nestled in a scenic landscape of red rock formations and mountains.

The ambiance of the hot springs.

Hot Pools at Red Hill Hot Springs

Red Hill Hot Springs offers four different soaking experiences to choose from, separated out into various hot pools.

Visitors to Red Hill Hot Springs are sure to have an unforgettable experience as they soak and decompress in each of the four pools.

As they make their way up the mountain, hikers may take a quiet moment to appreciate the natural beauty of the rocky landscape before entering the springs.

Once there, visitors can find four pools with temperatures starting off with the hottest at the top and gradually cooling down as water flows to the bottom pool.

After enjoying some time in the springs, explorers can go on a trail and find a spot to watch the sunset

Amenities at the natural hot springs.

Although camping is strictly prohibited at Red Hill Hot Springs, there are a few campgrounds in the area. Don’t worry, we’ll cover those later.

For those bringing larger vehicles, plenty of parking space is available. There is also a trash can and vault toilet (pit toilet) is close by ensuring convenience. With all these amenities and breathtaking scenery, guests are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

Things to do, see and stay near Red Hill Hot Springs.

From other hot springs to camping and glamping with a fire pit, there’s plenty to do near Red Hill Hot Springs.

Mystic Hot Springs

Just a short distance from Red Hill Hot Springs is Mystic Hot Springs.

Mystic Hot Springs is a truly magical and unforgettable experience.

The hot springs provide a perfect haven to soothe aches and pains, although it can be crowded when trying to get a tub with a view. Nevertheless, those lucky enough to experience the breathtaking view of a Utah sunset from the tub – its beauty leaving them in awe and feeling completely at peace.

It’s no wonder why this special place has inspired so many travelers to return again and again.

Monroe Hot Springs Resort

Monroe Hot Springs Resort is a unique camping experience that combines the cozy feeling of home with relaxed, hippie vibes. And, feel free to bring your dogs as they’re just as welcome.

Accommodations range from RV/van sites and tents to the cozy ‘Grow Cabin’, which comes complete with all the necessary amenities, including heated blankets and towels. It’s really an eclectic stay.

The resort is family-owned and operated, with an outdoor kitchen for guests to enjoy and helpful, freebies located in the community area. 

A soak in one of the hot springs is both calming and therapeutic – though many don’t realize before arriving that it will leave water spots around from the minerals. Despite this minor inconvenience, Monroe Hot Springs Resort has something for everyone who’s looking for a truly unique and memorable camping experience.

Monroe Canyon RV Park

Monroe Canyon RV Park is the perfect destination for campers looking to get away from it all while still keeping all the modern amenities. After taking in the soaking pools all day, you’ll want a place to wind down.

The newly built farm-themed RV park offers large pull-through sites with free premium wifi, new hook-up infrastructure, and breathtaking views of nature.

Common areas are pristine with laundry facilities, restrooms, coin-operated showers, and a store selling ice cream!

But the most impressive asset is Jordan, the owner who greeted us on arrival. He has worked hard to build this RV park on land owned by his grandfather and continues to work towards improvements such as a dog park in the works.

With his enthusiasm and dedication to making each camper’s experience their best yet, you will want to return again and again.

Meadow Hot Springs

Another hot spring that is a short distance from the others is Meadow Hot Springs.

Meadow Hot Springs is a hidden gem located on private property that the owner graciously allows people to visit. When visiting, be sure to clean up after yourself and show respect for the property.

The hot springs comprise of three pools with different temperatures, with the closest to the main road being the hottest and cooling down as you get farther out.

There is also an additional pool further out filled with small fish that are fun to feed!

ATV and hiking trails.

One of the great things about central Utah is the vast amount of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed. ATV riding is popular in the area and there are trails for all skill levels.

For those looking for something a bit more serene, there are over 60 miles of hiking trails to explore the beauty of the Red Hill Hot Springs area.

Whether you prefer to take it slow on foot or go for a thrill ride on an ATV, you’ll be sure to have a blast in the great outdoors.

A hot spring like none other!

When you visit Red Hill Hot Springs you’re left with a feeling that only this place can deliver. It’s an out-of-this-world experience with its stunning views and heated pools for soaking, coupled with the calming nature of the surrounding area.

Come for a visit and take some time to appreciate the beauty of Red Hill Hot Springs – you won’t be disappointed.

Red Hill Hot Springs FAQ

You might have some questions before you visit Red Hill Hot Springs so here are answers to some common questions.

Are there restrictions on the type of clothing that can be worn in the springs?

Yes, it’s important to respect the rules and regulations of the hot springs. Clothing is required and swimsuits must be worn at all times when you take a dip in the pools.

Red Hill Hot Springs Rules and Regulations

What’s the temperature of the water?

The temperature of the hot springs is around 97-110°F on average.

What type of wildlife can I expect to see when visiting?

Visitors may spot animals such as mule deer, birds, and other critters in their natural habitats. Be sure to keep a respectful distance from any wild animals.

Is there a fee to enter the hot springs?

Nope, Red Hill Hot Springs is an entirely free hot spring and open to the public.

Is there a parking area?

Yes, there’s parking at the hot springs. Keep in mind that it’s not paved, but instead, it’s almost like a well-graded dirt road.

Are dogs allowed in the hot springs area?

Yes, dogs are allowed! However, please be mindful of other visitors and make sure your pup is well-behaved.

Ready to start your adventure at the hot spring?

There are many hot springs in Utah but none quite like Red Hill Hot Springs! Enjoy the unique experience of soaking in naturally heated pools, surrounded by breathtaking views.

From ATV and hiking trails to free hot springs, there’s something for everyone here. So what are you waiting for? Pack up your gear and get ready to explore all that Red Hill Hot Springs has to offer.


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