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Fantastic RV Remodels: Before And After

Author: Matt JohnsonPhotos/Graphics: Mike HawthornePublished: Jun 6, 2023Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Whether you’re a new mobile homeowner or a seasoned traveler, you know that a good RV can be beautiful. There’s nothing like transforming a rundown motorhome or travel trailer into your dream home on wheels, with updated interiors and more functional living space. But if you’re running low on inspiration, we’ve got several RV remodels and their before and after photos to help you get started.

To help give you some RV ideas, we’ve collected a handful of amazing RV makeovers before and after and some valuable tips on planning, designing, and executing your RV renovation project. Get ready to be inspired, and discover all the ways you can make your motorhome an actual work of art.

Of course, an RV can be as straightforward or as complex as you like. Maybe you just need a fresh coat of paint or some clever storage solutions to make your space more inviting. Alternatively, you might want to go all out with hardwood flooring, upper cabinets, and chalkboard walls. We’ve even seen some DIYers relocate walls inside their campers!

Whatever your vision, there’s no doubt that creativity and DIY know-how can take your RV from drab to fab. When you’re finished, you’ll have a romantic, cozy cottage or a tiny modern home on wheels.

Ready to get started on your next motorhome project? Let’s dive in and explore the possibilities!

From drab to fab: a stunning RV makeover.

As DIY enthusiasts, we know firsthand that the key to successful RV remodels is transforming a blank canvas into a beautiful, cozy oasis that suits your style. That’s why we’re excited to share some inspiring examples of moms who revamped their RVs and turned them into something beautiful.

One of our favorites is an RV blogger who worked some serious magic with hardwood flooring, a fresh coat of paint, and new light fixtures. She also got creative with built-in bench seating and a custom dining table made from repurposed bedframes. The result? A beautifully designed and functional space that’s perfect for any road trip.

Modernized RV Before and After
Before and after shots of an RV main living area after a thorough remodel.

Another renovator we love entirely changed the look and feel of her RV with custom-built upper cabinets and a chalkboard-painted wall. She upgraded storage with revamped cabinet doors and turned the bunk room into a cozy and airy bedroom. It’s a great setup for families who want all the comfort of home on the road.

RV Bunk House Upgraded
Before and after photos of a bunk house in a travel trailer. The owner removed built-in storage and added a window!

Before and after photos of RV remodels showcase just how much of a difference a little creativity and elbow grease can make. With the right approach and a paint sprayer, you can transform any outdated fifth wheel into a chic and trendy haven that will make you the envy of the campsite.

Keep in mind that some of these remodels are relatively extensive. Adding a window where the was not one is quite a task and we only recommend professionals to do that work.

So why not get started on your own remodel project today? The possibilities are endless, whether you want a romantic cottage or a tiny modern house on wheels.

Planning your RV remodel: what you need to know.

When remodeling an old camper or RV, the first and most important step is planning. You have to put your thoughts down on paper before you can demolish any walls or remove old cabinets.

Start by listing all your remodeling goals and think about the areas that need improvement. Whether adding more storage or creating a functional layout, identifying the problem areas is critical to achieving your vision.

Next, consider the size of your family, how much space you need, and how you’ll use each area. Ask yourself what features you’ll need to make life on the road more comfortable. For instance, if you’re the entertaining type, a bunk room with a built-in bench and a dining table might be ideal. If you and your partner crave more privacy, focus on creating a luxurious, spacious master bedroom with elegant hardwood flooring and a comfortable bed frame.

RV Master Bedroom Before and After
Another before and after picture of an RV main bedroom area.

When planning, it’s important to remember to prioritize practicality and functionality. This means maximizing storage opportunities with overhead cabinets or custom-made cabinet doors.

You should also consider sprucing things up with a fresh coat of paint, like chalkboard paint. Not only does it give your RV a modern look, but it can also turn blank walls into a creative canvas.

Remember, proper planning is vital to a successful RV remodel.

Don’t rush into anything without first mapping out the details and creating a roadmap for your project. With the right approach, anyone can transform their RV into their dream home on wheels with surprisingly little effort.

Innovative decorating ideas for your RV.

Looking for RV decoration ideas that are sure to impress? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with innovative concepts that will blow your mind.

One simple yet effective method is to repaint your RV with something more unique than the standard white. Consider using chalkboard paint for a feature wall in the bunkroom or creating a bold accent wall in the dining area.

Vibrant Turquoise Colored Interior RV
This modern turquoise makeover took this camper to the next level!

You can also upgrade your light fixtures to something more modern and chic for an added burst of personality.

Want to create more storage space without taking up more room? Try using clever design hacks like building a built-in bench seat in the dining area to double up as a storage space. Or, you can add upper cabinets in the kitchen to make more room for your cooking equipment.

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider changing the entire RV space configuration to something that fits your style. Turn your master bedroom into a romantic cottage with subdued lighting, beautiful hardwood flooring, and a custom-made bed frame that fits the unique RV dimensions. Alternatively, create an open floor plan by removing all the walls between the bunk room and the living area to replicate the feel of a tiny home. If you’re a workamper, you might even want to make that bunk room into a pseudo-office. The possibilities are endless.

RV Bunk House to Office Space Renovation
This bunk house was modified to add in a small office space for work camping.

With a bit of creativity and some elbow grease, your RV can become a fantastic job that you’ll love showing off to all your friends. So, transform your bland canvas into a perplexing masterpiece that will leave everyone in awe.

Maximizing space in your RV: Clever design hacks.

RV can be challenging when it comes to space. But, with some ingenuity, you can create a roomy and comfortable living area. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is by creating multifunctional spaces. For instance, adding a built-in bench to your dining area can serve as seating and storage space. Alternatively, incorporating bunk beds in your RV is a popular option for creating more sleeping space without compromising living space. If you’re handy, you can design and build a custom frame that fits your RV perfectly.

Consider using hardwood flooring to make your RV feel more spacious and inviting. Not only does it provide durability, but it creates an illusion of larger space too. Moreover, installing upper cabinets in your RV that extend to the ceiling can add extra storage and free up vital floor space. Another idea is to use chalkboard paint to write lists or leave reminders on the wall at eye level.

Aim to be creative and search for untapped potential in small spaces. If you feel stuck, try looking at home design ideas that could transfer to RV living. With innovativeness and a fresh point of view, your RV can transform into a functional haven even with limited space.

Upgraded Lighting Inside Camper Van
This RV owner added elegant lighting to give the dining area a warmer and welcoming feel.

Kitchen renovations: Modernizing your RV’s heart.

The kitchen is the heart of every home, even if your living space is tiny and mobile. Renovating your RV kitchen is a great way to add value to your motorhome and customize your cooking space to fit your needs.

Paint is one of the easiest and most effective ways to upgrade any RV kitchen. A fresh coat of paint can give your kitchen a brand-new look without replacing any appliances or cabinets. One of our favorite renovation stories involves someone on a Facebook group, who used chalkboard paint to create a fun and unique backsplash in her kitchen. She also added a fresh coat of paint to brighten up the space.

RV Kitchen Makeover with New Cabinets and Butcher Block Countertops
This RV kitchenette was upgraded to give it a more chic and country look and feel.

For those looking for a popular renovation trend, consider ripping out the small dining table and mounting a bed frame to create extra counter space in your kitchen. This can add more storage and a sense of spaciousness to your dining and cooking experience.

Built-in benches are also a popular feature that fifth-wheel owners prefer. The latest bunk room remodels usually incorporate an appropriately-sized table, creating a space for family and friends to eat together, work, or play games. And for those looking for a more romantic vibe, why not use hardwood flooring material for a cottage feel?

The possibilities for modern RV kitchen renovations are limitless. When you start with a blank canvas, you can make your space uniquely yours. So be adventurous, and create your dream kitchen on wheels!

Bathroom upgrades: Transforming your RVs lavatory into a private spa.

As an RVer, you know cramped bathrooms all too well. But don’t let the small space get you down! With simple upgrades, you can turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa with all the necessary amenities.

If you’re like us, you probably don’t spend too much time in your camper bathroom. However, this is still one of our favorite RV renovation ideas.

Replacing your old sink, faucet, showerhead, and toilet with modern fixtures can make a difference. Opt for eco-friendly, water-saving options to save on resources and keep your plumbing in tip-top shape.

Transforming your RV shower is also a great way to add elegance to your bathroom. Consider installing a sleek, frameless glass enclosure and swapping out old shower curtains and mats for newer, plush options. If the space doesn’t make sense, you might even want to rearrange some items. Of course, this is on the extreme end of things.

Extreme RV Bathroom Renovation Before and After
You can even remodel your RV bathroom as shown in this before and after photo.

Add some style, comfort, and warmth to take your bathroom to the next level. Hardwood flooring is an easy upgrade that adds a cozy feel, while a fresh coat of paint or a tile backsplash can create dimension and depth. And don’t forget about the ambiance! Mood lighting, candles, and plants can all contribute to a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

Don’t let a small bathroom hold you back. Follow these tips, and you’ll enjoy a luxurious spa experience in no time!

RV remodeling tips from the pros.

Hopefully, that dose of inspiration has sparked your creativity and helped you come up with ideas for renovating your RV. Before you start the process, here are a few words of advice from RV professionals to keep in mind—

  • Start small and work on one area at a time. Renovations can be overwhelming, so take it slow and enjoy the journey. Whether you start at the kitchen or the bedroom, it’s important to set realistic goals and take on projects that you can complete in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Do your research and prepare for unexpected costs. Make sure to read up on common renovation issues and explore different options before making any purchases. Also, keep in mind that some products may require additional materials, tools, or professional installation.
  • Don’t be afraid to get help if you need it. Seek advice from experienced RVers and know when to call in the professionals for difficult tasks. With a bit of guidance, you can transform your RV into a home away from home. There are tons of Facebook groups and even Reddit communities where you can find helpful advice and support.
  • Go for lightweight materials. When you’re remodeling a home on wheels, it’s best to opt for lightweight materials that won’t compromise the stability of your RV. Keep in mind that heavier items like furniture can quickly accumulate weight and disrupt your center of gravity. Even small things will add up: opt for peel-and-stick wallpaper for a backsplash instead of tile. So make sure you’re aware of how much weight you’re adding to your rig.

Those are just a few tips to keep in mind when tackling an RV renovation project. With a bit of planning and creativity, you can turn your RV into the perfect home away from home. So don’t be afraid to get creative and make your dream camper a reality.

Remodel your RV’s interior.

Never underestimate the power of a good renovation. Whether you’re doing a camper remodel or even updating your camper van, a few small upgrades can make a huge difference.

With just a few simple changes, you can transform your RV from a drab box on wheels to a luxurious home on the go. Whether you’re looking to maximize space, modernize your kitchen, or transform your bathroom into a private spa, there are countless ways to make your RV feel new.

From the bunk room to the master bedroom, every inch of your RV space is an opportunity to unleash your creativity.

Take inspiration from those who have come before you as you embark on your RV remodel journey, and remember, the possibilities are endless. You can upgrade your old furniture or even try out some budget-friendly remodeling options for your RV interior. Sure, some of these upgrades may be time-consuming, but we think once you breathe new life into your RV’s interior design, you’ll fall in love with it again.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your paint sprayer, cabinet doors, and chalkboard paint, and work on your fantastic RV remodel. Trust me; the results will surely leave you feeling invigorated and inspired.


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