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What is a Glamper?

Author: Matt JohnsonPhotos/Graphics: Mike HawthornePublished: Dec 4, 2020Updated: Dec 12, 2023

One of the most common questions we get is: what is a glamper? The most basic answer to this question is that a glamper is someone that truly enjoys an adventurous lifestyle while bringing with them the more comfortable and stylish things in life.

Being a glamper is a lifestyle. See also: Glamping vs Camping: Which is Better.

A nice long hike followed by a little relaxing by the fire with a glass of wine in a cozy camping chair and listening to some tunes under a strand of warm white lights – that is glamping.

If that sounds simple, it is because it is.

In essence, these are the 3 basic qualities that make a glamper a glamper. Adventure. Comfort. Style. Without those 3 qualities you’re either a homebody or a camper.

Glampers are Adventurous

Camping Adventures

Anyone can be comfortable enough snuggling on their living room couch binge watching their favorite Netflix show, but glampers want adventure and activities.

Taking in a scenic hike through a northern California Redwood forest or white water rafting down a turbulent river in central Colorado, glampers get out and see the world. They enjoy getting dirty from time to time and love taking in everything the great outdoors has to offer.

But hey, don’t campers love adventure as well?!

That’s right, they do; however, at a glamper’s core they love doing all of these great things outdoors, but what separates them from campers is their desire for comfort.

Glampers Enjoy Comfort

Enjoying the outdoors is one thing, sleeping with your face in the dirt is something totally different. Glampers don’t just pitch a tent; nor do they use the restroom just anywhere.

What is a Glamper? Campers that Enjoy Comfort!

To be a glamper you must be comfortable at all times – awake, asleep, and everything in between.

There are countless options for a glamper to lay their head at night. Some opt for a sizeable yurt with all of the amenities, others prefer a luxurious bell tent with Egyptian cotton sheets on a California King bed, and some even go as far as to buy a glamper RV to give them glamping options wherever they go.

Restrooms are a big deal as well. Ever use a honey bucket? Glampers would never use one of these as they prefer to have comfort and cleanliness when doing their business. Luxury campground resorts have well-maintained and clean commodes.

Comfort is incredibly important, glamping wouldn’t be the same without it; however, it still wouldn’t be glamping unless you did it in style.

Glampers Live in Style

Comfortable Camping

The last fundamental when defining what is a glamper is style. Everything must look as good as it feels.

Typically, fancy decor adorns the walls of the glamper RV or the yurt. Oftentimes a fresh bouquet of flowers grace the living space bringing a level of elegance to the room. All of this plays pivotal roles in creating the ambiance of the space.

Lighting conditions can make or break the mood regardless of where you’re at. It’s imperative you set the mood. Strings of warm white Edison bulbs compounded by the glow of a crackling fire with tunes from a Bluetooth speaker give off a romantic feel and bring calm to your soul.

Keep in mind it’s not always what you do, how you do it, but instead – do you look good doing it?

If you weren’t a glamper before, you probably are one now.

It’s easy to see what separates the campers and the glampers. At their core all glampers are campers, but not the other way around. Glampers enjoy all of the adventures associated with camping, but take it a step further by mixing in some creature comforts and look good while doing it.

Think you’re a glamper? We would love to hear what makes you one. Afterall, what you do for your adventure, comfort, and style will differ from others. Let us know in the comments below!


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